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  1. flowersfornina added a post in a topic Social Anxiety Because Of Acne?   

    I completely understand how you feel. &nbsp;I have pushed (and still do) a lot of people out of my life because of my skin. &nbsp;I've cancelled plans, called in sick, made unreasonable choices... I haven't been able to show &quot;myself&quot; completely. &nbsp;Acne restricts me but having a support system, my family and friends, has really helped me tremendously. &nbsp;They've stuck by me through my worst and I know that they have me around not because of my looks, but simply because of me, as a person. &nbsp;It's still incredibly hard for me to walk out in public confidently, to meet new people without thinking about how they might be judging my skin, and to go outside of my comfort zone. &nbsp;I've slowly been trying to push those thoughts away and have just been trying to enjoy myself freely because honestly life's way too damn short to live anxiously all the time. &nbsp;<br />
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  2. flowersfornina added a post in a topic Scared To Try A New Foundation..   

    I've never suffered from small, clogged pores UNTIL I tried Estee Lauder Double Wear. Granted, it was the first time someone's commented how "flawless" my skin looked. I used ELDW and ELDW Light for about 2 months. During this time, I started to get these weird skin-coloured bumps on my face that I've never had and the foundation enhanced it even more. It originally looked great on my skin because I didn't have these bumps but now that I do it looks really bad on my skin... That was almost over 7? months ago and I STILL have the clogged pores that it caused me... it's going away but it takes such a long time. What's scary is you never know when one of those clogged pores will turn into an active pimple. It sucks. I've also had the same reaction with Clinique except it took longer (around 3 months) until the clogged pores + acne started showing up. I originally swore by Clinique but since having stopped using it (I used Clinique Stay Matte), I stopped getting cystic breakouts as well.

    Currently, I like Almay's Clear Complexion paired with a medium-coverage powder foundation.
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  3. flowersfornina added a post in a topic Translucent Mattifying Powders   

    MUFE HD Loose Powder worked for me back when I was in Grade 10. They also recently came out with a pressed powder version of this. I don't know why but this isn't effective on my skin anymore and doesn't combat my extreeeemely oily skin.

    I've also heard of the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder.

    Just be careful and test them out first to make sure you won't break out from them! I've heard of some people breaking out from these powders, though personally I haven't.

    In my experience, I don't think just a simple powder can combat oily skin. My skin is hell, like literally it's oily ALL the time. I blot and it gets oily within 15-30 minutes. It's extremely annoying.

    I find that a combination of a good moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and face makeup (I use powder only) are really important. You just have to find what works with your skin and be careful not to exacerbate your acne in the process of doing so!
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  4. flowersfornina added a post in a topic Living With Acne In A Big Story   

    I'm 20 years old and I can relate to almost everything you've said. I let and unfortunately still let acne control my life. Even though my acne isn't so bad as it was before, the damage has been done. I don't have the confidence to look people in the eye and I'm always so overly self-conscious whenever I'm face to face with someone. I always feel like they're judging my face and scrutinizing my skin. It's horrible to feel this way-- I really want to change it but it's so difficult to do so. Everyday, I always walk all the way to the end of the subway car because I know there'll be less people there and I hate crowded places. I've contemplated quitting work because of it too. The worse part is, before acne, I was always terribly shy and self-conscious so acne only exacerbated my problem. I don't cry about it but instead I obsess over everything I could possibly do to battle it. It's maddening because I end up disappointed after spending money over something that 'promised' to do this and that... and not being able to eat my favourite foods because they can 'cause acne' (I know it's not proven but I find that when I eat healthier and avoid my favourite food [junk food], I get less breakouts.)
    I just feel so restricted by it and I feel like I could do so much more and be so much better if it wasn't for my acne. I have so many regrets and 'what ifs' that I think about daily that I could have done if I wasn't so caught up worrying about my face.

    I'm sorry I don't feel like I'm helping you at all by talking about my own problems but it's just really nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.
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  5. flowersfornina added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Thinking Of Quitting My Job Because Of Acne/stress?
    Any advice on what I should do? I'm so conflicted because there's pros and cons to each side...
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  6. flowersfornina added a post in a topic Anyone Else Drinks A Lot Of Tea During The Day (Important Finding)   

    When I was in high school, I was completely free of acne (unfortunately it came back with a vengeance now that I'm entering my 20's),
    Anyway, I drank green tea every single morning those four years and I'm definitely sure I never broke out because of it. If anything, it made my skin look better and it made me feel better too. Maybe it's a specific type or brand of green tea?
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