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  1. Hi Guys First let me introduce myself.Im a former model,fitness enthusiast,diet and holistic remedy fanatic. I love health I love beauty. I have learned a lot of things through the years reading,I've tried myself many skin products and therapies,both over the counter,naturalist,homemade,grandma remedies...Anything you can name,salicic acid,oil cleansing... Ive visited this site a few times over the years,and now that after 15 years I have "some" knowledge...I dont want to sound full of myself I just wanted to tell you where I come from before cause I know many of you are very dissapointed after years of trying everything...and its not easy to give to give yet another chance to a new routine. So maybe after this long introduction now you are ready to listen asimilate and maybe try this valuable information Im going to share,knowing that it comes from an experienced source. I m 35 now I was like you guys..I think its only fair for me to share some of my knowledge if I can make your everyday happy cuse we all know how important it is to have a clean looking complexion these days You guys first need to learn how to do colon cleanse the easiest safest cheapest a salt flush once a week,(google it).Then stop using so many products on your face,then learn to eat healthy, Exfoliate with BENTONITE CLAY morning and night and apply NOTHING afterwards,until it is controled.. I said exfoliate not just apply as a mask like everybody suggest.Rub it in circular motion,clockwise and the opositte.Dont use hot warm water in your face. During the first weeks,exfoliate,rinse, do it all over again,around your noce, probably will spend 30 minutes,and dirt will keep coming out of your skin.Just keep rinsing,re-applying,and massaging circular motion. as your skin improves you will be able to do it only once or twice. But that can take months depending on your condition. By eating healthy I mean stop eating grains and flour in general,wheat,corn bread,...STOP drinking milk cheese etc,stop eatingcandy donuts artificial sugars/drinks either sodas or juice except real fruit and honey. avoid eg yolks...Eat meat with moderation(chicken or turkey prefered) and avoid tomato. Avoid spicy greasy sauces,avoid sausages,chips chocolate snakcs etc. You can ttry to reintroduce some of your food of choice once cured. One at a time,whatever it is,milk,eggs,chocolate. Add it for a ocuple days and see how your skin reacts. Drink lot of lemonade and green tea.Thats it. Once its controlled and you only have scars but not bump or blemish,only then you can start to mousturize your face a little with a non comedogenic oil like Extravirgin coconut oil,or flaxseed oil.But just one drop for your whole face,take one drop spread it in your palms and massage your face til it completly absorbs once a day,only after a deep cleanse with bentonite clay. Wash your hands with soap before your morning and night cleanse routine. Follow this and your acne will be gone,no pills,no expensive salicic acid solutions,no antibiotics.To get rid of acne you need a clean face in the lower skin,and regular cleansers dont get there,plus irritate,bentonite clay does get there .And you need a clean intestine.If you fail in any of the 2 you will see improvement but you wont get rid of it completely. Unless you change your diet if you skip a morning or night cleance theres a chance it will come back. Acne is only a good sign telling you that you are not eating good. That dirt tryng to come out through your skin.Forget about all that hormonal talk.if you keep your skin absolutely clean and eat healthy theres no acne. Under 20 years old your skin does not need that much mousture added,you produce enough collagen and oils yourself to even apply more.Just keep your skin clean with bentonite clay and it will hydrate itself.Soon after you clean it will look dry but your body will compensate and release the righ t amount of mousture your skin needs.Just let your body to its job . remember.LESS is more. Dont apply any soap lotion tonic,aloe honey yoghurtor me Ive tried AAAAAALLL that. So thats the solution for face acne and other skin problems. Those 2 strategies alone will solve the problem but if you want to speed things up you can add one or all 3 of these supplements that will cleaan your blood and digestive system of impurities and fats 1 Turmeric Extract 2 Olive leaf extract (OLE) 3 Neem Extract Also if you want to speed up your healing and improve your complexion you can use these home made tonics. Just boil green tea,and store it in a bottle in the fridge. Do the same with chamomile tea. It will last for about a week.Apply both to your clean dry face after using bentonite and let it air dry. You will see your skin getting clearer day by day. best of luck guys . I love you all Im not going to forget about you guys with BACK ACNE!. Follow the same diet recomendations. Dont use hot water,try for the water to be as close to your body temperature as you can,nor cold or hot.Wash your back with any soap. Don brush over the bumps. Apply soap every day,let it there for one minute and rince. Dry with your towell,change your towell every week. and now this is something not everybody is going to be brave enough to try but it worked for me. You need to buy Sesame oil,but not the translucent one. You need to go to a chinese or indian grocery and buy sesame oil the kind that is brown in color and toaested.It smells like toasted peanuts. Apply it in your back,massage it softly so it gets absorbed. Spend a few minutes without wearing your clothes on,shave brush your teeth or whatever is in your routine. And then after a few minutes get dresses as usual. It worked for me. i know many of you will think Im crazy for applying oil on my back,I first got that acne proble cause a MUA applied johnsons oil in my back for a photoshoot,and since that day acne grew out of control. And I read the sesame oil remedy in teh internet,it was a miracle and it balanced my back sebum production. sesame oil is not just like any oil. Its used in Ayurveda for its detox properties. Thats all I hope everybody reads carefully all this info and put it into practice. I have not explained the colon cleanse salt flush cause there is plenty of information online about it. read carefully its a safe method but you need to take some precautions. Basically your digestive system cant assimilate salty water so during 3 or 4 hours your body will get rid of it causing you to go to the toilet several times.Along with the salty water you will expell a lot of fecal matter that has been sitting in your intestines for years and is getting into your blood and end up in your......FACE!! bingo. So after you finish expelling all the salty water your digestive system will be cleansed.But since you didnt clog your intestine in one day,it will take several salt flushes, I suggest one weekly) and a change in your diest to get rid of all those toxins that cause your acne,rosacea etc etc. Best of Luck!!!! I wont be answering private messages,any question please post it here so everybody can benefit from the answer! L.O.V.E