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  1. Spironolactone Journey

    Wow oh wow oh wow!!! What a rollercoaster life is! I had to come back and update because the support here is AMAZING!! And hopefully if you're reading this, it can help you as well. First--I still get some flare ups here and there. Mostly just when I PMS right before my period (which is regular). Nothing that makes me want to stay hidden anymore. I am still on Spiro but dropped down to 100mg, and soon to be 50mg. Second--my doc put me on Loryna (generic form of Yaz). I was SUPER hesitant, but I have been having a lot of other health issues, that I think/believe that my acne was telling me. Third--POSITIVITY and STRESS MANAGEMENT. Oh goodness. This really has been the most important change in my life. Not being so negative about how I look/see myself, and coping with stress in healthy ways. I still have my bad days and break downs. But it has gotten so much better, and I think that is one of the biggest contributions to a clear complexion (that and LOTS of water). So right now I am on the journey to discover what my body is telling me. I recently had bloodwork showing my platelet count was significantly low (not from hep or HIV or anemia). I am going to see an internal medicine specialist as it could be related to Lupus or my thyroid. I am not stressing too much about it because I am doing all I can right now to take care of me, and that is in my control. So my friends here--please take care of yourself and show yourself and your skin love!!! You are all wonderful and beautiful, and I hope 2017 helps us all find what we are looking for.