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  1. Hello again, Have there been any studies that we know of comparing the different generic brands of accutane? I know they all have basically the same active ingredient and my derm seemed to think they all worked the same (not counting absorbica). She calls in accutane to my pharmacy and said I can choose whichever brand(s) my insurance covers. The pharmacy I like to use only had Myorisan when I went to pick it up so I'm starting with that. I've read a couple people claim on here that it's not as good as Claravis or Amnesteen. Is there any truth to this or is it just people's personal preference?
  2. Hello! Is there a certain time of day or meal that you feel fits best with taking accutane. Because of my crazy work schedule I usually don't have time for breakfast so I've been taking my accutane around noon with a big lunch. I've tried to aim for 28 grams of fat with each meal. Does that seem like an efficient amount for the medicine to absorb? And what are some of your favorite fatty foods / meals that you like to take your accutane with?