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  1. hi there! I'm starting in exactly 10 days. it will be nice to have some log buddies around. info about me.. I'm a 25 yr old female at 115lbs. I never grew out of teenage acne and as my 20s progressed it became more and more deep and cystic. it was contained sort of on birth control (not completely but I could get away looking like a normal person most days) and then bactrim.  my derm wants to start me off on 40mg but I'm such a med sensitive person I feel like that will be super hard on me. I'm gonna try to convince her to start me on 20 the first month 
  2. Roaccutane journey - F18 (photos)

    the pictures look amazing considering you're only a month in yay! sorry to hear about the most recent breakouts, just know it will pass and you are experiencing some of the last breakouts ever! 
  3. Claravis Log - 25 yr old female

    Ugh! my skin is insane right now. I have three cysts springing up on my face right now so that makes 9 cysts on my chin this month. I've been taking Aleve to help with the pain. so embarrassing too. I CANT wait to start accutane. I see my derm again Feb 3 so a little over a week and I can start!!!
  4. Roaccutane journey - F18 (photos)

    I'm sorry to hear about all the antibiotic issues you're having :/ I was on Bactrim for 4 months and I can't imagine staying on it 9 months. Although side effects weren't that horrible it does wear on your stomach after a bit and I got a yeast infection when I came off. Also your acne looks like how mine use to in high school. Now mine is more severe with larger cysts and such so it's good you're getting it under control now - I wish I would of back then!
  5. My Accutane Journey (27F)

    Wonderful progress! I see a big difference in just 9 weeks :)
  6. Claravis Log - 25 yr old female

    Thanks for your reply, chicanery :)! What side effects have you encountered so far?  I'm confident the accutane will work for me, even if it does take a couple months - just hoping I can tolerate it OK.  
  7. expiration dates

    Hi all, My bottle of Dan's BP gel says it expires Jan 2016, which obviously is now. Do you think I could get a couple more months out of it before re-ordering? 
  8. I just saw my derm two days ago and she said it's time for accutane. I took my first pregnancy test yesterday and I'll see her Feb. 3 for a follow up and to start the pills. I'm so excited but also nervous. I have bad cystic acne - mostly on my chin, sometimes on my forehead and between my eyes. My skin is also SUPER oily. Two hours after doing makeup I will be dabbing tons of oil off my face. I definitely think Accutane will help but my derm did say in adult acne she sees some people who have to go on it again. Sometimes they get 3 years or 10 years of remission. She said none of her patients have needed a third course though in the ten years she's prescribed it (unless they didn't get a full course before and stopped early). She said she likes to do higher doses as she finds less of those people have it return. I'm kind of nervous because I only weigh 115 and I can be sensitive to medications. I'm also nervous because I have MAV (migraine associated vertigo - in my case more low grade dizziness instead of vertigo) and it's at its worst in the cloudy winter months of Michigan. I really really hope accutane doesn't make it any worse or else I'm afraid I'll have to postpone it until the spring/summer when my MAV goes away. So I guess I'll see how the high doses go and if I need to go down or not (she wants to start at 40mg and then 80 mg the last two months - a total of 5 months).  As for things I've tried in the past.. proactiv, dan's regimen, all sorts of over the counter BHA and AHA face washes, birth control pills that are good for acne, antibiotics like minocyclen and bactrim, retinoids, cutting out cheese, natural supplements and herbs, etc.. The most useful med was definitely bactrim. I cleared on that this year but my acne came back with a vengeance this month and I had to get two cysts injected as they formed together Birth control worked well for about 2 years and then it just stopped working and cystic acne came the same time every month. I also had the most side effects from birth control pills. My last year on them I had headaches daily and could easily sleep for 12 hours straight every night. And then when I went back on on them after a break I woke up with MAV - so the headaches now also included dizziness yay! Also about 1/3 of my hair fell out when I stopped taking them. It grew back but it was scary for a while and of course my acne broke out the worst I've ever seen it for about 7-8 months afterwards. Really nasty things that birth control.  Benzoyl Peroxide would be the third best - but it really only helps smaller zits and it's so easy to over dry the face. My cysts are so far under ground my derm said only injections and oral medications could help them. Sucks.  Anyway - any encouragement is appreciated from fellow members. Please share your recommendations for accutane regimens too! I've already got a huge tub of Cetaphil and Cerave cream lined up :)
  9. Huge Cystic Outbreak 5 Months Off Ortho Tri Cyclen

    My update.. almost a year later.   My skin: Things calmed down a lot I would say in April. I still have acne though, it's just not moderately severe like it use to be. I'd say it's mild-moderate now. Not perfect and I still get the monthly chin cysts (a bad month.. maybe 2 of them), but at least it's not constant now. What I did? Nothing really, I waited it out and used Dan's BP. In August I went on Bactrim and that cleared me for 4 months but now I'm breaking out again because I'm off it, however my back acne has not returned. There are good days and bad days but overall not nearly as apocalyptic as it was before.    As far as the crazy side effects that didn't go away even after I discontinued birth control use.. I was diagnosed this year with MAV (Migraine Associated Vertigo). I didn't have straight up vertigo just a giddy, drunk and dizzy feeling - that's why it took so long to find out what was causing it. Apparently this can happen when your birth control gives you too many headaches, it can trigger this. It can go on for months or years if left untreated. Unfortunately mine happens to be constant during the winter months and almost nothing at all during the summer (something about barometric pressure changes). So I'll have to go on a migraine preventative med here soon.