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  1. My Vbeam Perfecta log (red marks, pie).

    How much % would you say they healed you're red marks by? 
  2. My Vbeam Perfecta log (red marks, pie).

    Will be following, BEST OF LUCK!!!!! Hope you get what you want to achieve red marks are the worse!
  3. Thanks mate, Yeah you're right i'm looking into Vbeam now  Thanks
  4. That's not good to hear sassy, Hope you find something!
  5. Got of accutane this year June. The inflammatory acne is finally going down slowly, He told me if i got of accutane it would scar like that for life, Now i relized i shouldnt of listen to him and been of this medication a year ago it fuc*ing Destroyed me! EVERYTHING in moderation is OKAY, Don't get me wrong.  I have really bad redness / red marks, I have left it for a good 6 months and there still really dam red, Anyone tried retin-a after accutane or anything else to help the redness? I've only got probably max 10 pimples after stopping acctuane, I get 2-3 at a time every couple of weeks when i tend to have friends over and pig out on shit food it seems to happen, So hopefully i'm lucky and my acne does not return bad, But these red marks are just as bad as having acne, Any advice , please! Thanks  
  6. How do you tan if you have scars/redness?

    Cheers mate, When i'm working i'm going to apply sunblock to my face/scars will that be the best thing for working in the sun? Or will the sun still destory the scars just not as bad? I can't avoid the sun when working so yeah. As for purposely tanning in the sun, I think i will put sunblock like you said but still cut up some bandaids or something, Only because i don't like the idea of my scars being directly in the sun for a period of time.  thanks
  7. What's the best method of %100 Covering up acne scars so no sun/VU can effect them I've recently been working out in the sun, And not on purpose but my face has a bit of colour it was EXTREMELY pale really really pale, And with the tinest bit of colour i'm already starting to look past the scars, I know sun is not good for scars, i will keep that in mind. Any methods i've heard bandaids to cover the scars then tan? Anything else %100 proven to block the sun i don't want to tan and bake my scars, just around them (my face)  Thanks!
  8. Alright fair enough i understand what you're saying. Yeah i don't really trust doctors either lol i get what you're saying tho cheers. 
  9. Fair enough man i understand where you're coming from, I used the mask yesterday. Idk if my eyes are playing tricks but i swear it looks less red just by one use, Can't wait to see if this actually works after a couple months. 
  10. Hmm thanks for the replys that sucks though because i brought the ingredents to make this mask lol i've googled it some people say they have nice results with it.  
  11. So you recommend chemical made shit you don't have a clue what's in? over natural substances? I personally don't like all this chemical man made shit but In all honestly i might have to try it, But i do not agree with it i'd rather avoid it. But it may come down to me having to try it
  12. Thanks Vancity i appercaite the reply alot! The Greek Yogurt & honey i'm going to try that! I'd rather try natural stuff then this acid etc, I don't like the sounds of it. Do you recommened any certain typres of Honey/Yogurt? Going to buy some soon
  13. Quick background went on acctuane Feb 2014 and 1 year 8 months later and still extremely depressed, The scars i have fair enough if i was only a couple spread across my whole face, My whole face is clear besides on my checks it's just a massive clump of redness i can't do this anymore it's been 1 year, I keep thinking. Oh by christmas they will be gone i'll be happy, 6 months later oh my birthday i'll be happy. I can't fuc*ing do this anymore. This is killing me i'm trying so hard to look past them i know when i'm depressed i get angry when i get angry i stress 24/7 which leads to me breaking out and more scars, This is a joke. I really think i need to try something before i get really deep into depression i have try some things which people reckon have worked but did nothing. I'm thinking TCA peels or something? Here is some pictures, please any serious advice would be amazing, please help me out here.  Scars look alot more red in person, The light nearly makes some not look as bad, Since the 1year 8 months, I can say it has helped it was pretty dam bad, But these scars are killing me they have been here for easy 1 year and not changed ONE BIT. I swear they have got worse.  Please any help  Would be very much appercaited.   
  14. I would fuc*ing love you're skin, Seriously why are you even having second thoughts about wanting to fix that... What?? I don't even see'ing anything man Gheez man
  15. Evil drug left me with a few big inflammatory/scars anything natural i can try use? i've heard lemon juice stuff like that?
  16. Thanks for the replys i'm a guy i don't really want a fake tan haha I want some colour not really just bam a tan, I'm just pale AF atm haven't seen the sun in 1-2 years because of accutane how bad does the sun scar the scars?
  17. I'm really pale and is the main reason why my redness stands out so much, I need some colour on my face! I've avoided the sun for nearly 2 years because of accutane/acne Im bloody pale! I've still got alot of redness scars, I want to get some colour on my face but i've heard the sun will just %100 make the scars even worse? Thanks any help would be great
  18. I have quiet alot of redness left from acctuane it is slowly going away but i am tempted to try retin-a/tca peel I was on acctuane for 1 year 4 months i've been off it for 3 months now, Here is some pictures You can get a rough idea from that Would anyone recommend retin-a or tca peel? i've read with retin-a once you start you kind of can't stop using it which worrys me any advice would be great