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  1. Accutane log

    Keep us updated! I am going thru purge moment myself
  2. Accutane journey-alex

    Yeah man what can I say, acne sucks no matter what people say. but we still gotta live life you know. Its funny I used to watch videos of people saying stress causes acne. Yet my only stress is acne lmao. On the bright side we are on accutane and its a miracle drug from everyone ive heard! Feels like time is going so slow! Btw whats your dosage?
  3. Accutane journey-alex

    hey man hang in there. i have like 6 active pimples! yours look a lot better. One more month for you before you pretty much clear up man.
  4. Starting accutane on a high dosage?

    We have same issue, ive been suffering since I was 17-18 now 23. I am on accutane only 40MG a day and I weigh 180. So I think thats pretty low considering my height and weight but then again I also heard higher dosage has the worse purge period. I am already getting breakouts on 2nd week now and going to work sucks. So i guess lower dosage works out for me less purge haha
  5. Starting accutane on a high dosage?

    Honestly from what I heard is that higher dosages have more permanent results. Don't quote me on that but I did hear that. But it also depends what kind of acne you have. I have mild to moderate acne, and I am a 23 year old male weighing at 180. I was prescribed 40MG a day and my doctor never even asked my weight.
  6. Jeez man im jealous! Im on my 9th day of accutane cant wait for my results haha
  7. Most people on these forums have been suffering from acne for years, I personally about 6 years now and its finally got to a point I got on accutane. I have read lots of success stories more than anything else. I have tried EVERYTHING i mean everything that we all have tried. Perhaps accutane is something you might want to look into. Definitely consider it.
  8. Absorica 10 mgs

    It effects everyone differently but its always a combination of something haha. I am on day 7, so far only thing I have experienced within first 2 days, I got like 10 new breakout its worse than when I started. My eye sights are fine, no body aches, besides the breakouts I just have dry lips. Skin is still very oily. But thats about it, I honestly would much prefer joint pains than breakouts haha. 23 year old Male on 40 MG a day.
  9. Accutane journey-alex

    Dude my skin looks worse than it has ever before. Im still on week 1 and I have like 6 pimples on each side, 2 on my forehead and 1 on my nose. It looks terrible. Going to work sucks lol
  10. Accutane journey-alex

    Shit man hang in there, it gets worse before it gets better. At least you know there is an end to this. Most people are pretty cleared up by month 2. I am on my first week and I have 4-5 new breakouts already. My skin was alot better before I got on accutane. But I know I gotta stick through it.
  11. 23 year old male finally got on accutane after having on and off acne since I was 18. My acne is never really all year long. For whatever reason I get acne for 2-3 months almost every year since I was 18 and stay clear for 8-10 months with clear skin. I didnt get any acne from mid 2015 up until November of 2016 but in December I started breaking out again(6-8 pimples in 2 weeks), went on antibiotics and creams like everyone else and I finally told myself I am going on accutane at all cost. I wish I had got on accutane when I first heard about it when I was 18. Tired of getting this acne outburst every year specially now that I have a career it sucks im getting it again at 23. So I figured I create a personal log for myself and others who might look into accutane. I started taking accutane on 1/3/17 20MG(Claravis) twice a day= 40MG @ 180 Pounds( My dermatologist never asked for my weight) Day 2: I already have a giant pimple forming on my left cheek and one on my forehead. So far no other side effects. I have dry lips all year long so thats not an issue. No other side effects as of yet. Week 1: So by the end of week 1 I had 6 new breakouts on my left side, like 3-4 on my right side, 2 on my forehead and 1 on my nose. I never get breakouts on my forehead or my nose so this is definitely new. Skin has been worse than when I started. It sucks going outside specially to work but I know there is an end to this. Just gotta suck it up the tough times. My skin however is still very oily no signs of dryness except my lips. They are very dry but I am not concerned about my lips at all. Week 2: So week 2 done. It was same as week 1. Same breakouts I still have on my left side, right side is better. But I do have 2 giant ones and it sucks. Skin is still very oily! lips I am applying chapstick like every 5 minutes. Time is going very slow Week 3: This week has been so much better! The large ones on my left side are gone but they are like small little ones which is nothing really. Right side I just have one big one but thats it! I can finally go outside and do things lol. Lets hope it only goes smooth from here, I hated the "purge" for the first 2 weeks.
  12. Damn sucks you have to on a second round. I am on my first week just got 2 new breakout on my left cheek.
  13. Regimen and Accutane?

    Do you recommend accutane? I dont have severe acne but once a year I get acne on my cheeks after 2 months it goes away. But it comes back every year
  14. Need Help with Acne (with Pics)

    Any help? Should I get on Accutane? I am 23.
  15. Hello, im 23, i get acne once a year pretty badly and it goes away after 2 months. This is like my 4th time having acne outbreak. I have thought about accutane years ago but never went through it. Just curious should I get on accutane? and do you guys stay on the regimen and on accutane?
  16. So for the past 3 years I have been getting acne once a year which lasts about 2 months. After 2 months it goes away. I have been using regimen for 3 years pretty consistently specially during my breakout times. But for some reason every year it comes back and I cant seem to figure out why it comes back every year. Right now along side with the regimen im on doxycycline, Vitamin D (1000IU), Vitamin A (20,000IU). Is there anything else I can do to control my acne outbreak? Its pretty frustrating knowing there are "no miracle" when acne has been around for so long haha. I have never taken Accutane.
  17. Vitamin Vitamins A D?

    I started with whiteheads and red pimples, but now its all red pimples.
  18. Hello everyone, I recently just started breaking out again after 1.5 years of clear skin with minor break outs here and there. Recently I started breaking out again have about 5-6 pimples. I was reading about vitamins, and I hear people taking Vitamin A and Vitamin D3 with high dosages to clear up acne is that true? Right now im taking about 20000IU for vitamin A and about 5000IU of Vitamin D3 a day. IS that good enough? I know Accutane has high dosage of Vitamin A. Any help appreciate it!