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  1. Trina6241 added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Hard Candy Glamaflouge Concealer
    I'm pretty sure this concealer broke me out, BAD. My graduation was a week ago and I wanted something that would cover well for pictures so I used that and I also went to an all night party after at my school so it was on my skin for about 24 hours. Everywhere where I applied it I have huge angry zits now.

    Anyone else had this problem?
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  2. Trina6241 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Cystic Acne Story
    I really need help figuring out what is going on with my skin.

    Ever since I was a pre teen I remember having pimples on my chin, but only on my chin. I figured it was just hormones and it never really bothered me.

    Then I started breaking out on my back.

    Just in this past year or two, I've been experiencing a LOT of nausea and motion sickness that I never had as a child. I also feel very dizzy when I do things when I never used to have a problem even at amusement parks on every single ride. Now I can't even sit in a car for 10 mins without feeling sick.

    To this day, I have WORSE acne on my face AND back. I now get cystic acne acne all over my chin, lower cheeks, and back. Around my mouth also.

    What can be going on with me? Is it hormones getting worse? A food intolerance that is getting worse? I'm so lost. Please help.
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  3. Trina6241 added a topic in Back/Body/Neck acne   

    Acne On Middle Back
    The top of my back is clear, and the very bottom of my back is clear. But the whole middle of my back is always breaking out in huge pimples. Their not cysts, but their huge and leave bad hyperpigmentation. What can be causing this? Is it my bra maybe? I only break out on my chin which is hormonal.
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  4. Trina6241 added a post in a topic 100% Clear! Don't Want Acne To Return.. (College)   

    Seriously, i would not change your routine. You might regret it sooo much! And you'll be much more embarrassed with acne again. Just do your routine when no one is there, say you need to use the bathroom or something.
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  5. Trina6241 added a post in a topic Need Serious Help, Sever Acne And Severe Acne Scars   

    Have you tried Accutane? Never give up on acne, it IS treatable & even if you never do find your cure, soo many people have acne. It sucks, but youre not abnormal. Hang in there!
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  6. Trina6241 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    I have severe acne on my chin. I was thinking about trying Estroblock, has anyone tried it/thinks it will work? Even if it doesnt, it would be okay but im terrified of it making my acne worse. I hate trying new things because if my acne spreads, i will feel even worse. Any suggestions? Should i just go for it?
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