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  1. I feel generally better today than I have done for a while, although the trick is of course to not get carried away. A break out will come sooner or later: I am sure of the cycle repeating itself. I’m using right now a combination of 5% BP and Tria’s blue light Clearing Device. It’s quite drying and the Tria cartridges are expensive as hell, but it does seem to be preventing any major breakouts right now. I freaked recently and got really depressed when I saw that my skin was starting to scar. There are a few, indented dark marks, one particularly noticeable one on my left cheekbone. However, I will NOT have any work done on the scars, they are a symbol and pertinent reminder and general anguish and misery that acne has brought me throughout my youth. I have a derm appointment in one month, roaccutane is looking the most likely option. I’m a bit nervous about going on it having read about the links to depression etc, but I’ve tried about a gazillion topicals and loads of antibiotics, yet here I am. I’m willing to gamble on this so called ‘miracle drug’: my last resort.