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  1. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    I used a manual suction machine made for chinese cupping method. I used the smallest cup available (it came with 10 different sizes). It was around 25 USD

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  2. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    I will say the name of the doctor, because I want to plan to make a big review on her anyway. I did my procedure in Singapore in Le Private Clinic and doctor was Eileen Lew. She was just amazing and very professional. She is so caring, patient and thorough. She is a perfectionist and that's who you want for your skin treatment.

    The nodules were noticeable to others, it looked like a pimple, but it just wasn't red. But mostly - it was noticeable to me. Honestly, I didn't mind it that much. Especially, that I know, they don't make another scar and I knew, that they WILL disappear (from my previous experience). I recommend needling for the nodules - they are gone 10 after the needeling procedure. At least in my case. I will continue needling until I will reach my goal 95% scar clear skin. I still might go for another round of subcision, however I want a bit break from drastic procedures for a while.

    The recovery took me like 1-2 weeks. The worst are the days 1, 2 and 3. Well, 5 days after you are able to wear makeup, so when I needed to go to work, I put a lot of makeup and it was ok. After 2 weeks the redness was just mild. With or without suction - I don't think, there is a big difference in recovery. Suction machine can make you bruises though, but it doesn't matter, whether you had the procedure before, it make bruises on a healthy skin.

    I strongly recommend the suction machine.

    Good luck to all of you!

    Yes, sorry, my mistake The left one is after and the right one is before.
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  3. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    Hi everyone!

    As I promised, I am back to update you about the next steps, which I did in my scar fighting battle
    I underwent another round of subcision and that was about 9 weeks ago. I attached a before and after picture to this post, so please have a look (left one is after the procedure and the right one is before - sorry for the confusion)

    This time, I tried the suction machine after 4th day after the procedure. I suctioned approx 1 week. The results are really good for me. I did dermarolling about 7 weeks after the procedure. And I plan to do it every 6 weeks, as before.

    I was on a normal diets. No supplements this time. I just avoided alcohol and of course no cigarettes.

    I wanted to say, that the biggest contribution to my success made Robertitoo and Matt and of course all the rest of you with your tips and tricks Thank you very much!

    Have a nice day

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  4. Liberte added a post in a topic Come With Me On My Subcision Expedition   

    Actually I had problems with nodules after subcision too. But after I did needling & dermastamping, my nodules disappeared. Don't stress, like I did Give it a month - two and try to needle them, if they won't change. And there is still the hydrocortisone in the worst case Good luck with your healing!
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  5. Liberte added a post in a topic Is This Scarring From My Deep Phenol Peel?   

    Hm, I've heard, that vitamin C is an important supplement for collagen production. So, try some creams and vit C capsules or get the vitamin from the fruits & veggies. As well protein is crucial. Gelatin, meat, bone broth... I completely understand you! I wish my collagen would be produced in a bigger amount...
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  6. Liberte added a post in a topic Is This Scarring From My Deep Phenol Peel?   

    As I said, this is what my derm told me. I can ask her for more information. She didn't say anything about Retin A, she was mentioning Accutane. I used Retin A for over a year, I broke out with cysts and they left scars. Then I stopped. When I had a cyst on my face, it didn't leave a scar. Then I switched to Epiduo. I used it for 2-3 months - cysts left scars. Plus my pores were huge and texture shiny and horrible. I stopped with tretinoin treatments and I had no new scars at all, even from the worst cysts. I don't want to force anyone into my opinion. I just share my experiences. Maybe I am one from thousands... but it messed my skin, so just be careful. I also realised, that peels don't work for me. Pores are getting bigger and texture worse. Redness disappears, but it's not worth for me.

    Your skin is just freshly damaged, you can still fix it with topicals maybe. Give your skin some vitamines and help it to heal

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  7. Liberte added a post in a topic Please Help! Suggest A Treatment For My Scars   

    I saw pretty nice results from TCA cross for icepick scars and I'd go for subcision too. Meanwhile try some needling every 6 weeks. You can get some nice results for less money.
    Good luck
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  8. Liberte added a post in a topic Is This Scarring From My Deep Phenol Peel?   

    Depends on people I guess. I had NEVER scars before I used Retin A. From a few months of having acne - bam! My face is covered w it. My dermatologist asked me, If I used Accutane, when I said no, she warned me not to ever use it, as the new study claims, that it causes new scars. It contains Isotretinoin, so as RetinA... I know some people had success with it, but some were left with permanently damaged skin.
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  9. Liberte added a post in a topic Anyone Unhappy With Their Subsicion?   

    I am not unhappy with the procedure itself and it did not do any damage. I just expected better results and I am questioning myself, what went wrong. Not enough of vitamines? Genetics? Bad supplements? Wrong aftercare? Robertitooo is just never know, what procedure will work on you. But subcision has quite good reviews and quite low risk level. Definitely try it! Good luck!

    And yes, I would go for suction and microneedeling too (also low risk levels).
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  10. Liberte added a post in a topic Is This Scarring From My Deep Phenol Peel?   

    Looks like the scarring, which Retin-A left on my skin... Ask the doctor, I am quite curious, what will he tell you.
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  11. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    Your posts are always so informative! I think it is actually a great idea to mark the scars w a pen. I agree, that the moment an injury is made to the skin, the area around gets swollen and it is hard to hit the scar. I might suggest it to my doctor.
    I think I expressed myself wrong, I apologize : my doctor used a special camera device, which makes your scars look more profound. I think she might be followed the picture of my scars on the monitor...
    I have a big difficulty to accept my currunt state. Beauty is an amazing gift, but he moment it is taken, it hurts you 1000 times more than the people, who never tasted it... It taught me real modesty! But of course I am aiming for 90% improvement, which seems to be way too far from reality. I can still dream Thanks everyone for supporting comments! Even I don't know your names&faces, I still have feeling, that this community understands my situation more, than any of my friends. Thank you!
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  12. Liberte added a post in a topic Will I Need Time Off After Subscision?   

    I recommend you to take at least 5 days off. From my experience...
    If you are boy, you might need even longer time, coz as a girl you can wear makeup.
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  13. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    I don't think she marked it with a pen, however, I think she followed the photo, what she took. She had some kind of a professional device, which makes your scars look crazy bad (I didn't want to see my pic to be honest, I think I would get depressed).
    She numbed each and every scar separately and after a little injection, she subciside it straight away, so I don't think it had any time to swell. I expected I will get 2-3 injections for my whole face, but I think I got like 30 of them.
    This waiting is crazy!!! I would love to see improvements immediately BTW I forgot to mention, that I started to do some dermarolling in may 2014 (0,5 mm dermaroller and 1 mm dermastamp). One session every 6 weeks. I think, I've seen some results, however, not really breathtaking.
    I have these days, where I am so happy and I see good results and some days, when I see my scars from a different angle with a special lighting and I get sooo depressed. I am sure guys, that you know, what I am talking about... Such a life change from only 5 months of acne...
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  14. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    Thanks for your replies, guys I take it easy, I knew I wouldn't be fully satisfied until 3rd treatment will be done. I think I will try suction method too this time.
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  15. Liberte added a post in a topic Just Did Subcision :)   

    Hello everyone! A quick update about my results from subcison.

    It's been 2 months from my 1st subcision. The healing went quite OK, except of a few nodules, which developed on my face. They were quite big, they weren't painful, but I could feel them on my skin. I did one dermarolling session after 6 weeks from my first subcision and the nodules became much much smaller. I can't see them, but I still can feel them a little bit. I don't mind them anymore though.

    I am attaching two pictures - before and after subcison. I'd say, there is maybe a 30% improvement. It's hard to say, because I just don't remember, how my skin looked before, I can judge only from the pictures. You can't see much improvement on the pictures maybe, but I can tell, that there is some. The scars didn't disappear, they are still there, but they are shallower.

    I definitely expected more. Maybe not in my head, because I know, how it goes, but somewhere deep inside me I expected more. I think I might go for the suction method after my 2nd subcision, which I want to schedule in March/April.

    Hope this helps Good day to all of you!

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