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  1. I am desperate for any advice and help. Long story short, I've had bad cystic acne since I was about 14 or 15 years old. I'm talking about the deep, under the skin, extremely painful, pimples all over my face. I have tried literally everything. I've been on rounds and rounds of several different oral antibiotics that seem to work temporarily until I become immune to them. I have been on oral birth control twice which seemed to only worsen my acne. My mother is an esthetician so I have had all the skin treatments including facials, peels, light therapy, oxygen therapy, none of which have worked. I also use all organic skin care including face wash, peptide cream, and moisturizer and organic makeup. I go to the best dermatologist in Atlanta and have been on prescription topical creams including retinoids and two types of Epiduo. I discovered two years ago that perhaps I had a gluten allergy so I cut out gluten COMPLETELY from my diet which worked for a while but now does not seem to have the same effect. I take Shaklee Vitamins, Herb Lax to detox my gut, and drink greens. I exercise regularly and eat well. I recently cut coffee completely out but have not noticed a difference. I'm almost 22 now and have been FIGHTING this furiously forever. I'm setting up an appointment for an allergy test this week because I can't think of anything else I can possibly do. Can anyone help me?