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  1. The seborrheic dermatitis thread

    Hello Lore91 i have suggested some things previously that worked for me  you can always check them out. From my experience S.D. sometimes transfers to others areas from where it was previously from time to time . I believe these areas are near the previous ones .  Although i have mentioned  a cleanser and a moisturizer i have been using when i have a flare up the only thing that really works is ketoconazole 2% which is under different brands in various countries throughout the world.  Addiotionally what you can try is applying fresh aloe vera from a plant . It didnt work for my at all but for some it did work . Moreover it can be a great moisturizer and has healing properties . All natural. Take care 
  2. The seborrheic dermatitis thread

    Hi all , i hope everyone is doing good. flekkn thanks for the great response , i think that you are right . However somehow,what works for 1 person might not work for another. For me what makes a huge difference is ketoconazole 2% , cetaphil products for eczema and ACV with the mother . i have tried salt cleansing method with mediterranean salt but it got worse. CharBar don't give up hope , be patient and persistent to find a solution. I have read the entire thread and took notes . What helped most people was some kind of pyrithione zinc product, so i would suggest everyone who hasnt found a solution yet to have in mind that the following products helped some people a lot: Dermazinc, znp bar or noble forumla or znp spray (most effective is dermazinc and in amazon site it has many reviews) Nystatin cerave lotion So my update is : 3 months 16 days free of flare ups . Then i got a flare up which i treated with ketoconazole 2% for 3 days(once every night) Then i got another flare up after 36 days which i treated with the same cream again and it got better right away For my sculp i continue using ACV with the mother once every week and everything is normal . We will see how it goes. Winter is coming !!!!! EDIT: i was also very tired and anxious about some things that happened in my life when the flare ups happened In conclusion i am very satisfied with the outcome. Stay possitive and never stop trying. Take care. P.S. Bring your friends or anyone you know that has seborrheic dermatitis in this thread on this forum. We should have our own forum at some point too.