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  1. I have done dermarolling.I have the the exact same scarring as you do!!  It did work on my scars. I did it for 3 months. I got my kit from Banish Acne Scars online http://banishacnescars.com/. It wasn't badly priced and the pain from dermarolling isn't bad. Choose the needle size they recommend though and buy their Vit C serum. But it isn't a miracle wand though. It will fade the scars pretty good but they won't disappear all together. I do believe it did caused me more infection in my pores (my reason for stopping). I am currently using Nerium AD for the clogged pores so far so good for 3 weeks. My skin isn't perfect and I think dermarolling causes the skin to have a funny pattern to it. Almost wavy. Well that's my advice. Good luck. Email me if you have any questions.
  2. I've been through a very similar experience as you. I do hope you are doing better! Keep us posted.