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  1. Oily and thin skin with tiny pores. What are they?

    Anyone? I'm having a breakout on my nose... The surrounding skin gets white and swells if I pick at them or wash my nose...
  2. bumps with clear fluid that dont pop?

    I have the exact same problem, beside that I used to have acne as a teenager. What are these things?! I get them on my nose and in my beard too, they are ruining my life! Sometimes the best thing is to pop them but the swelling that occurs make my nose look deviated and swollen. It doesn't matter if I squeeze or not because they'll get red and inflamed just by touching them oe washing my skin in the shower. No doctor can help me and never have they showed any bacterial, fungal or viral signs when tested. I've been skipping sugar and crap food for a year and nothing has changed. I'm not allergic to anyhting like gluten. I get these tiny spots often on the same place... and they develop quickly! I'd rather have acne that heals than these fuckers with clear fluid...
  3. So I've had some kind of folliculitis or acne since I was a teenager and got accutane twice. After accutane my skin is usually acne-free and not as oily as it used to be. Now three years later my skin is oily again and I don't really get cystic acne or so, but I have a very weak and thin skin that easily breaks and within hours these tiny bumps appear (mostly on my chin, beard area, nose, eyebrows or forehead) that sometimes contains white pus and sometimes just look like they do. When extracted they always keep oozing clear fluid. If extracted on nose, the skin arround the nose swells up x10 and makes my nose look deviated or crooked. When swelling goes down after 1-2 days there's a red flat sore that hurts to touch and takes a week to fully heal. Sometimes dark pigmentation is left. It is not acne nor folliculitis, it's like eczema or something yet it looks like normal and/or inflamed whiteheads. The skin on my face has ruined my life because I get them everyday and if touched they get red and inflammed. I also have keratotis pilaris on my arms by the way. Anyone that can recognize this?