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  1. have you ever tested for excess heavy metals?  candida won't clear until metals are delt with.   i've read a lot about it.  my opinion is that it's well worth a shot, especially if it won't cost much - and since a lab is doing it, you will definitely get a good sample.  might want to try and eliminate some candida in the colon so the bacteria has a better chance of gaining ground.  you could do a few water/saline enemas - lay on your left side and squirt that baby up there and hold it.  you'll get out out some nasty yeast.  make sure to take some molybdenum so your liver is protected. i believe the bacteria will work their way up the gut and help with sibo.  please come back and report your outcome!!  i've been considering this as well.  good luck!
  2. tea for acne

    tea gives me acne
  3. Why does chipotle always break me out?

    i don't think it's cuz of the meat. it could be that they use soy or you could have a food intolerance to another ingredient. it could be the cilantro in the rice is pulling mercury from your brain and liver back in to your body and causing inflammation.