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  1. Fermented Cod Liver Oil vs Non-Fermented

    FCLO is a scam. they got me for about $400 before i finally figured it out. research it.
  2. What probiotics do you use?

    i've grown my own kefir grains, i've also tried several types of soil based organisms, s. boulardi and various store brands. i can find NO correlation between probiotics and skin clearance. (but since my digestion is messed up, i still take them). growing kefir grains is by far the cheapest. going through an elimination diet to find offending foods worked for me. taking probiotics and eating those offending foods still gives me acne.
  3. Nothing Works

    everythingisbs... i was in the same boat. i suggest the diet & holistic health forum. i think you'll find potential solutions that, if followed, will change your skin, and health and life, for the better. -MGL
  4. 3mrd - have you tried betaine hcl? that might help your stomach if low stomach acid is the problem. you can also help your body create its own stomach acid by taking TMG (trimethylglycine), zinc and B vitamins. a blood test didn't work for my allergies. a skin test did though. -MGL
  5. Magnesium Supplement?

    i use spray-on Mg. very inexpensive. bypasses the gut and therefore avoids feeding gut critters (like candida) as an oral supp would.
  6. Peanut butter vs Almond Butter for acne?

    peanuts are one of the 7 major allergens. (and they're very high in mycotoxins so best avoided) only way to know is to test it. i'd put money on it causing acne. they do for me! so do almonds.
  7. Digestive enzymes never did a thing for me in terms of helping acne and i took them for a while and still got/get acne from egg, chicken & gluten, and more. Cutting those foods out worked for me. i just eat turkey instead of chicken. Potatoes instead of grains. Meat instead of eggs. I recommend some testing to try and hone in on what might be wrong. a good functional medicine doctor would have access to digestive tests. in my many years of tinkering, still the only thing that works is food removal.
  8. My Adult Acne (possibly leaky gut / candida ?)

    i would recommend trying an ox bile supplement to help with fat digestion, given that you no longer have your g/b. fats can putrefy in the gut and cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria if not properly digested. i've tried a few different brands. imo just go for whatever's cheapest, it's rather inexpensive. you can buy it in mild strength like 125mg or higher dose like 500mg pills. too much might cause issues at first so i'd start lower. or get the higher strength and some empty capsules and cut it. it can also be bought in conjunction with animal enzymes like pancreatin, etc. i'd try it separate first, see if that helps - adding just one thing at a time. good luck. -MGL