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  1. mygutleaks added a post in a topic Cod Liver Oil   

    I've tried it alone and with the butter oil. the butter oil makes me break out, the cod liver oil doesn't do shit for acne. probably not enough vit A in each dose. you need a high dose vit A to dry up pores.
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  2. mygutleaks added a post in a topic I Got Tested For A Food Intolerance Test... Here's What I Found Out   

    I used to do abx every year too, but since eating better and avoiding allergens I no longer need them. seems like u r on the right track. careful with things like spirulina (and chlorella, algae too). they can have a negative affect on the immune system and also stir up/redistribute toxins.
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  3. mygutleaks added a post in a topic I Got Tested For A Food Intolerance Test... Here's What I Found Out   

    hi Fire, forgive me I have been traveling and forgot to check the post. yes, I did the no-carb thing for a while, it was horrible. I think it was 6 months. I feel better overall having done it, and now have no candida in my gut, but I suspect I was too strict. I think you are right to eat some lentils, beans, brown rice, etc., if you can tolerate them (for me, tolerating means not breaking out). being too low carb will hurt one's gut flora. but, i also think it depends on your personal reactions. candida eats carbs so that's why I was strict. Also, if you want to go low carb for some reason, just make sure get enough prebiotics (more below on that).
    for me, I believe it's my lack of gut flora - possibly missing some keystone species as Dr. Ayers calls them, that makes me break out from certain foods. maybe the candida played a role indirectly too, by keeping certain flora from growing, but i just dunno. I'm currently trying that probiotic I mentioned above even though it has lactose, but won't know for a few days if it makes any difference as i just started.

    have you ever taken antibiotics? if not, your gut flora might be just fine. the hormone issue makes me think poor fat digestion (you also mentioned coconut oil which is all fat). i can tolerate coconut oil, but i break out from coconut meat/milk. a good way to improve fat digestion is by taking ox bile with meals that contain fats. it will also help kill gut candida. I buy the Nutricology brand and take it once/day when i eat an avocado. I also take a digestive enzyme once/day with my morning meal. to improve stomach acid, you could try TMG (trimethylglycine) and zinc/b-vitamins. I learned that from an herbalist on curezone. I was taking betaine hcl but TMG is the precursor of betaine, and will help the stomach make its own acid rather than relying on the pill. if you take these things and feel blah, you could take molybdenum or NAC. if it's candida, it gives off aldehydes as a byproduct when it dies (i think alcohol is literally acetylaldehyde) - and it can make you feel like a hangover - so don't drink much while you're doing this. molybdenum sythesizes it and makes it non-toxic. also when bad bacteria die, they give off byproducts like ammonia so NAC would help with that. Now foods makes a NAC with molybdenum and selenium added in and it's a good price. but NAC can have side efx, and you might need more like 150 - 300mg molyb. anyways my feeling is that if your hormones are off and you breakout, there's a good possiblity it is poor digestion so look in to other ways to improve it such as by eating fermented foods like sauerkraut - i make my own. eat prebiotics often like inulin, buckwheat (bob's redmill hot cereal is good- but make sure to soak it - google how to properly soak grains), chickory root, arabinogalactan (larch tree fiber), unmodified potato starch, raw onion, banana, veggies are also a prebiotic - mix them up to maintain gut diversity. you'll find lots on prebiotic suggestions if you google it. also, drink 20-30 minutes before meals and not during, 2+ hours after.

    Have you had any other testing done? A functional medicine doctor could give you tests such as the Metametrix to check your gut for bad bacterial, candida, etc. i had all the testing done and still no help (and cost me thousands) - personally i'd say save the $ and experiment on yourself. but.. this is all coming from someone who still hasn't cured himself - now i just manage it by not eating the offending foods. to answer your ?, i do eat meat often (since so much else bothers me). Also nuts currently bother me, but they haven't always. i will try them again soon. sometimes something bothers me, then it doesn't, so i eat a lot of it, then eventually it bothers me again. other things like avocado, buckwheat, etc., i eat all the time, and it never bothered me.

    Also, if your thyroid is off, you could try adding selenium in to your diet - one or two brazil nuts/day would give you the right dose. be careful you don't OD on it though, i believe 400mg/day is the most you'd want to get. you could try an adrenal supplement to help with the cortisol - but if you do this, i would suggest going to the functional medicine doc for advice. a good test that i had done is called Genova Diagnostics NutrEval test. however, everything might correct itself if it is digestion that's a problem... one can hope! good luck!

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  4. mygutleaks added a post in a topic I Got Tested For A Food Intolerance Test... Here's What I Found Out   

    maybe this is the answer,, his first article on the page from Sept 11, "Peanut Allergy Cause & Cure"

    it won't let me cut & paste the URL

    if that doesn't work, google Dr. Art Ayers. I've been reading him for a long time but this is the first I've seen of his recommendation to try Clostridium butyricum for food allergies. in fact, I have some AOR 3 probiotic in the fridge, but it has milk so I never took it. I will now!
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  5. mygutleaks added a post in a topic I Got Tested For A Food Intolerance Test... Here's What I Found Out   

    hi Fire, fixing the things you mentioned did nothing for me. I have food intolerances similar to yours. I got a skin prick test, and also a similar blood test. for me, I only react to the skin prick, all blood tests came back inaccurate. I later found out I had an overgrowth of bad bacteria and candida. I fixed those over a year or two, got retested for confirmation - but now I react to even more foods than before. if you google my username you will see a lot of posts (many on curezone) from my journey over the years. I've more or less fixed everything I wrote about that was bothering me - and nothing has fixed my food intolerances which is why I started on this journey in the first place. I also tried quercetin for histamine, also otc histamine blockers - did nothing. TMG/betaine for stomach acid, nothing. Ox bile/enzymes for digestion.. nothing. capsule probiotics, homemade kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, nothing (but I rarely get colds now!) - at first these broke me out but that went away. I have a closest full of supplements. Oh.. vitamin A in a high enough dose does work for me - however, as I'm sure you're aware from this site, that's highly toxic so I don't do that. the bright side is... if I avoid those foods and eat what I know I'm ok with, I'm 100% clear. it sucks because the list is quite small. I think my reactions are inflammatory cytokines. but even things on the anti-inflammatory diet still bother me, like turmeric, beans, etc. if you have any suggestions, lemme know. good luck!

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