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  1. I'll get straight to the point; I have never rolled before and I want to start doing so very soon. Here's a picture of scarring I found online very similar  to mine (except mine's maybe a tad worse); I've read online that 1.5 shouldn't be used unless your scars are really bad and/or you get the treatment done professionally. What are your guys' thought on this? Should I just go for the 1.5? Should I go a bit down to a 1mm dermaroller? Thanks! 
  2. Hey! I'll make this one quick. So I have some moderate acne scarring (REAL acne scarring, like some holes in my face and stuff :-/ ) and I want to start dermarolling very soon. Should I buy a 1.5mm or different size? What I'm trying to ask is for those of you that have already dermarolled or still are, what size(s) worked best for you and what type of scarring did you have? Thanks!
  3. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Hey! Good to hear from someone around my age who can relate a lot more with my struggles. I feel your pain. Luckily for me, there are plenty of people with bad acne at my school and I'm a guy so it's not really a shocker for a dude to have crappier skin in society if that makes sense. :/ Despite guys not espected to look perfect, I still get a little sad sometimes about my skin. I think it's because I just want to look more normal tbh. :/ But regarding you, stay strong! Your closed comedones are probably more surfaced than mine and I'm sure they'll give you retin a or something else to gradually reduce/remove them.  If not, don't worry, there are many people out there who look at people like you and I normally! You seem like you have plenty strength to carry on, that's good. Keep it up and keep going forward. Let us know what happens here after the appointment and best of luck.  
  4. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    90% sure they're called "closed comedones". 
  5. New Member Accutane 2Nd Round 16 Yo Male

    Unfortunately, my acne got worse this week.  I have one BIG cyst and a bad pimple now. I will wait two weeks and see if I have to take further treatments against acne. If things get worse, I will most likely go on doxy or some other anti biotic. If those don't work, I'll go on my THIRD course of accutane... Let's just hope things get better on their own. :/ 
  6. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Yo! Let's just say that I'm feeling better now.  I was very disappointed that day but here I am again, much happier. I've used  retin a just once on my closed comedones and I think, THINK, that they have gotten a tad smaller... I will keep using the retin a every other day on the area with comedones. Let's hope it works.  
  7. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Well, it went pretty bad unfortunately.  They told me that the comedones were either tiny raised acne scars or were way too deep for extraction... So in other words, going there was mostly kinda a fail and waste of time. They recommended me to put retin a on them, what do you guys think about this? Also, I talked about my acne scarring on my forehead and temples and it was hard... I even cried a bit. They suggested I get some counseling for my physiological health. I'm not depressed, at least not all the time. And while I'm sure that would help somewhat, improving my skin would help even more. In other words, taking steps in reducing my acne scars would help my mental health more than anything. I'm going to start dermarollibg soon in hopes of seeing at least small improvements. Later (could be this year, next year, idk when), I'll get some laser treatments for my face.... but it going back to the comedones, this visit was a waste of time and money. But worst of all, it was a battle lost against acne. But the war is not over, I will somehow get rid of these things and improve my acne scarring significantly sooner or later. I must stay strong. Besides, most people don't even notice this stuff. Thanks for listening to my story. I know I am not alone. One day this nightmare will be better. Thanks guys. :')
  8. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Well, today is the day! Straight after school, I'm going on a Uber straight to the hospital to get these removed. I'm a little nervous for many reasons but the main one is the fact that I'm going alone to a hospital that's like 40 mins away from my home. I've been there before but never alone. Let's see how this goes lol. Update you guys probably tomorrow since I'll probably be extremely tired today when I come back since I'll go to school for like 8 hours (still in High school), and then go to the hospital for 3-4 hours of my day, and finally come back. -_- C Y'all later and I hope it all goes well!  
  9. Accutane help!!

    Hey man, what you have is acne scarring. But luckily, there are many things you can do to get rid off them.  I would recommend talking to a dermatologist (6 months post accutane) and voicing your acne scarring concerns to them and let them tell you what they think is best for you. Also, another thing you can do is treat them at home yourself with a derma roller or stamp. I would advise checking out those treatments. In the end, someone who has treated acne scarring or has had acne scarring treatments themselves can give you the best advice. I haven't even dermarolled yet but I will sometime soon. And later in life, I want to get some sort of laser treatments (another thing you can consider to help against scars). I have some indented scarring too and all I can say is good luck and hope to find what works best for you. With hard work, you can greatly improve your skin.  
  10. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

    Another bump?
  11. How to improve acne scars and skin tone NATURALLY?

    Does it help for improving skin tone, indented scars, and not break you out?
  12. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Hopefully it goes well!  and me too actually. I'm 90% sure these are comedones but I guess I'll find out tomorrow for sure. And no, I haven't.
  13. New Member Accutane 2Nd Round 16 Yo Male

    Acne's doing better now! I haven't had cystic acne since that post thanks to my new regimen; clindamycin phoshate gel 1% and benzoyl peroxide face wash 10%! Those two combined are a killer against acne! Clindamycin is a great spot treater (even against cysts!) and the peroxide is great for preventing, this is why I like these two soo much. Only thing that worries me is that I can't use clindamycin forever, I will become immune to it one day... Well, that's all for now! :)
  14. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Well, today was a good day! They called me back and told me that this Thursday would be free for me. And well, looks like that is the day that I'll finally have these annoyances taken off of me! I will update you guys either this Thursday or Friday on my experiences with my first comedone extraction and tell you more stuff. See ya soon!
  15. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

  16. How to improve acne scars and skin tone NATURALLY?

    Thanks! I think I'll seriously consider this! I'm gonna start derma stamping (or rolling, haven't decided yet) sometime soon and on the weeks that I don't do such treatment, I'll probably use this natural regimen in cunjunction to help heal scars and my skin even faster.  This sounds great so far! I see it's been a few days, do you still like this green tea treatment so far? And as for using it, do you just put it on your face and leave it there overnight? 
  17. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Well, I called my dermatologist and had to leave a message about what days I was free to set an appointment on this past Thursday. And guess what, that still haven't called back.  They don't work on the weekend but the fact that they didn't call me back yesterday concerns me a bit.  Oh well, hopefully they were just busy and call me back this Monday cause the sooner I get rid of these things, the better. If they don't, I'll have to call back and remind them about my message on Monday... We'll see what happens. I'll update you guys with new info about my situation probably on Monday or Tuesday. *Sigh*, I don't even have an appointment yet, hopefully soon I will. 
  18. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

    Another product I'll consider for the future, thanks!
  19. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Nobody has replied yet but let me give people who are reading this an update... I have decided that enough is enough and I called my dermatologist on what to do to get rid of these nasty things. They have decided that professional extraction by them is the best way to go. They're going to extract them for me and honestly, I am very happy about this! Soon, these nasty buggers will be gone after soo long and I'll be much happier again! They're also going to give me a cream after the extraction that will either prevent or treat future comedones as well. I don't know the name of the cream so I'll update you later. Well, I'll post again whenever I go and finally get them removed. Can't wait!
  20. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

    Man, that bare minerals foundation sounds amazing haha. I have one last question before I go out and buy it though... You see, I use Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream and the coverage is a million times better than my normal skin (slight exaggeration but you get the point XD) but still very light imo... Do you think this foundation would provide slightly more coverage than the BB cream I currently use? Also does it last a while? Cause $20-$30 for a foundation is kinda expensive for me lol.
  21. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

    Alrighty then, I'll consider a chemical peel. The dents I have aren't too bad but, they're still dents in the end.  And my forehead has plenty of dents. :'( thankfully my cheeks and rest of my face is clear of these scars and instead have redness and a few red marks. :/ My scarring isn't horrible and sometimes in certain lighting I forget that I even have scarring but then, I look at a mirror that's got bad lighting around and BAM! My skin looks TERRIBLE to me lol... Anyways, I'll talk to my dermatologist about my scarring and what I can do. Thanks! Also, have you or anyone else tried derma rolling before? Does it work? Thanks! 
  22. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

    Awesome! I'm interested in this product. Can you tell me what product it is exactly? Also, does it do a decent job at covering acne and maybe even indented acne scars? Thanks!
  23. Alrighty, i'll get straight to the point. I have white closed comedones near my chin. I've had them since a LOONG time ago. Can't even remember when I got them. I am a teenage male if that makes any difference (doubt it lol). Luckily that's the only area I have/get this type of acne.  So so my question, is how do you get rid of them? Is extraction by a dermatologist the only way? (I've heard some people say this so yeah...) Does exfoliating against these things really work? Thanks! 
  24. Accutane jouney/15 year old female/ 20 mg

    No problem. You might get lucky and see improvements faster. Who knows. All I can say is best of luck and stay strong, you will win this fight sooner or later!  
  25. Accutane jouney/15 year old female/ 20 mg

    Yup! I felt the same as you when I took accutane when I was 14. My acne was very bad. I had lots of cysts and pimples everywhere. To make a long story short, my first month was absolutely terrible, even more acne everywhere. But, by the second month, things got better. And by the sixth month, I had no acne and very little acne scarring.  Most scarring I got was red marks and stuff like that. I'm now 17 and my battle with acne is not finished yet. I still get acne but nothing compared to what I had before accutane. I am using clindamycin phosphate gel (and I've only used it for 3 1/2 weeks) and I've noticed a huge difference The point of my post is, I went through the same thing you did and now I'm pretty fine. Hang in there. And while I know it's hard (I took accutane too), accutane will be worth it in the end. Your acne may be cured forever.  Good luck!