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  1. boyfriend on accutane

    Yup! Seems totally normal! I was on Accutane two years ago and to make a long story short, I also felt more moody, tired, and stressed than usual. One thing specifically that I noticed was the fact that this medication made any problems feel multiple times worse, than if they happened off the medication. This is probably what's happening. Good luck!
  2. Makeup for men? (Mild Acne Scarring?)

    Hey everyone, I've been gone for a while. I've been (still will be for pretty much the rest of the school year) very busy. I'm gonna start dermarolling soon and honestly, I am pretty excited! Anyways, if anyone's wondering what makeup I use, here it is!
  3. I'll get straight to the point; I have never rolled before and I want to start doing so very soon. Here's a picture of scarring I found online very similar to mine (except mine's maybe a tad worse); I've read online that 1.5 shouldn't be used unless your scars are really bad and/or you get the treatment done professionally. What are your guys' thought on this? Should I just go for the 1.5? Should I go a bit down to a 1mm dermaroller? Thanks!
  4. Hey! I'll make this one quick. So I have some moderate acne scarring (REAL acne scarring, like some holes in my face and stuff :-/ ) and I want to start dermarolling very soon. Should I buy a 1.5mm or different size? What I'm trying to ask is for those of you that have already dermarolled or still are, what size(s) worked best for you and what type of scarring did you have? Thanks!
  5. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, I don't have cold sores right now, I have closed comedones. :/ But, thanks anyways! I'll keep this regimen in mind if I ever get cold sores! Hey! Good to hear from someone around my age who can relate a lot more with my struggles. I feel your pain. Luckily for me, there are plenty of people with bad acne at my school and I'm a guy so it's not really a shocker for a dude to have crappier skin in society if that makes sense. :/ Despite guys not espected to look perfect, I still get a little sad sometimes about my skin. I think it's because I just want to look more normal tbh. :/ But regarding you, stay strong! Your closed comedones are probably more surfaced than mine and I'm sure they'll give you retin a or something else to gradually reduce/remove them. If not, don't worry, there are many people out there who look at people like you and I normally! You seem like you have plenty strength to carry on, that's good. Keep it up and keep going forward. Let us know what happens here after the appointment and best of luck.
  6. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    90% sure they're called "closed comedones".
  7. New Member Accutane 2Nd Round 16 Yo Male

    Unfortunately, my acne got worse this week. I have one BIG cyst and a bad pimple now. I will wait two weeks and see if I have to take further treatments against acne. If things get worse, I will most likely go on doxy or some other anti biotic. If those don't work, I'll go on my THIRD course of accutane... Let's just hope things get better on their own. :/
  8. How to get rid off white closed COMEDONES?

    Yo! Let's just say that I'm feeling better now. I was very disappointed that day but here I am again, much happier. I've used retin a just once on my closed comedones and I think, THINK, that they have gotten a tad smaller... I will keep using the retin a every other day on the area with comedones. Let's hope it works.