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  1. brittnynicole added a topic in Rosacea & facial redness   

    Orange Peel Texture
    I'm totally lost and depressed at this point I think the problem happened after my use of epiduo but basically I have a wrinkly orange peel looking texture on my cheeks ... After I exfoliate my skin looks raw& shiny for about two days then it actually looks good but then after a while it builds up a lot of dead skin on my cheeks but honestly I'd pick the dead skin build up over the raw looking old skin but still I'm at a lost on what to do..the build up is so apparent on my cheeks and nose but if I exfoliate they look raw and shiny I've tried gently wiping but it still causes irritation and I'm scared to try chemical exfoliation...what do I do I hate being locked up I my room..if it helps I'm 20 years old..and I've been off epiduo for maybe 2 years and still experience this problem but I have to say I never get pimples but I'd rather take acne over this bad texture ...
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  2. brittnynicole added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Bad Texture Really Depressing.. my skin is really messed up..whenever I try exfoliating my skin gets raw and a orange peel like texture but after about three days it looks good then builds up a lot of dead skin .. Which I'm forced to exfoliate then the bad texture comes back seriously it makes me look old cause it's a wrinkly texture then after three days I look young I'm just wondering what's the cause of this ?.. I do also get sebum plugs on my lower half of my face but honestly I'd rather have dull skin then deal with the old wrinkly texture does anyone have any info on this seriously this is stopping me from doing a lot of things I just wanna live's so depressing I think this started in high school which was about two years when I used epiduo cause I would slather it on my cheeks and not wear sunscreen so I'm guessing it burned my face idk but my face looks dehydrated...ppl say you look fine but no..its just really depressing..
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  3. brittnynicole added a post in a topic Dehydrated Skin Problem   

    Exactly what I'm going through some days I look as young as 15 but whenever I exfoliate to remove the heaps of dead skin build up and flakes I look like I'm way older it really frustrating and really hurts my self confidence some days I shut myself in the house cause I'm ashamed of going out I just don't understand why I get dead skin build up like this and whenever I remove it I use a washcloth lightly to scrub and I still end up with wrinkly big pores and oily skin for a couple days till it heals..
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