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  1. SilverOreganoOlive added a post in a topic Scar Success!   

    Rob X 22, maybe your needles are too long or you're being too rough with the stamping. Maybe you should try a shorter needle and use it in conjunction with suctioning (see owndoc dot com). Also, have you tried retin a? I know DC girl said she didn't like it, but the fact is retin a heals scars & induces collagen (plumps up the skin). The process is slow and you have to use it sparingly, but you should see results within 2-6 months. With continued use alongside conservative dermastamping/ single needling sessions, you should get excellent results  (just use a natural moisturizer/ rosehip oil with tea tree oil or vitamin facial mist [ even with colloidal silver]).
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  2. SilverOreganoOlive added a post in a topic Daily 30 Minute Massages On Face Eradicates Scars?   

    I highly recommend organic oil of wild oregano and olive leaf extract daily to expel all parasites, fungus, toxins from the body. You can get it from Solutions4health dot com dot au . Your skin clears up from using it. Also, a low dosage of colloidal silver frequently also helps the body detox and remain healthy. You can also apply it directly to your face.

    Personally, I prefer massaging with rosehip oil then rinse it off. I then apply a little tea tree oil if required. Grapeseed oil is also good, externally & internally.

    However, what is also vitally important to correcting scars is retin a. This has transformed my skin. But you have to use it sparingly and only 2 or 3 times for the first month until you use it everyday or 2nd day for 6-12 months. You can then only use it for maintence once or twice a week or fortnight/ month. You should start to see real improvement by 2-3 months. By 6 months, the transformation should be very significant. (NB Don't sunbake your face while using retin a - but do get lots of natural sunlight on other parts of your exposed skin for vitamin D - just don't burn).
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  3. SilverOreganoOlive added a post in a topic Scar Success!   

    Congratulations DC- Girl!!! :) Spectacular improvement !!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to know the reason you stopped using retin -a. I have found it beneficial. However, I need to use it sparingly and sometimes not use it for a few days or a week. I'm not sure whether I'll use it longterm (i.e. to prevent aging), but so far, it has helped my skin immensely.

    Thanks for sharing and documenting your journey and giving others true hope :) <3
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  4. SilverOreganoOlive added a post in a topic Do You Need To Bleed When You Dermastamp/roll?   

    You can get the beta glucan liquid from Garden of Wisdom and other places online. I used the New Directions brand, but I think the Garden of Wisdom brand is cheaper, purer & less expensive. Also, sells pure hyaluronic acid (and copper peptides too). However, I believe you can get cheaper hyaluronic acid in capsule form & you can prick it and use that instead. Alternatively, look for a scar serum that contains both beta glucan & hyaluronic acid. The better quality dermatological scar serums contain both ingredients and other helpful ingredients like HGF (human growth factors). Just research & look for positive reviews online by real people.

    And yes, derma rolling has absolutely helped me. But it's not an overnight cure. It took years of bad eating and harsh acne products to disfigure my face, so it took years of good eating/ good living & proper mesotherapy to rectify the damage i.e. between 1-2 years on average. So go slow and steady. You need time for your skin to heal between rolling sessions. And be meticulous with hygiene too. Depending on the length of roller (don't go too long - see for their range or etc), you should roll every 2 to 6 weeks, and sometimes stop for several months to allow collagen to reform. It takes 3 months to create new collagen & complete a skin healing cycle, so eat lots of raw vitamin c rich veg/ fruit which is important for producing collagen.

    Research far & wide about skin healing/ scar healing topicals/ treatments/ diet/ technology etc and also check-out too for general advice & guidance.

    NB I used the single needling technique for more stubborn scar areas. Also, Retin a is key to healing your skin. Use it sparingly though & keep your face out of the sun while using it.
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  5. SilverOreganoOlive added a post in a topic Do You Need To Bleed When You Dermastamp/roll?   

    Yes, a little bit of pinprick bleed marks are helpful. Copper peptides are also useful when rolling.

    Extra suggestions:
    Post rolling, you might like to try beta glucan liquid with hyaluronic acid. This helps heal & restructure your skin. Also, try the OCM (using rosehip oil). It's a great way to keep your skin supple & hydrated (key to healthy, scar free skin).  Lastly, after you have derma rolled for 6 month or more, look into using retin a (sparingly). I think this is a vital step in healing damaged/ uneven/ scarred skin texture. (For a less irritating version, look into retinaldehyde).
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  6. SilverOreganoOlive added a post in a topic Skin Atrophy   

    Have you tried derma rolling with beta glucan liquid, hyaluronic acid and colloidal silver. You can also use these internally for an extra boost too. It takes a long time to rebuild skin, but it is possible (i.e. it takes a 3 month skin healing cycle to assess if a protocol is working - and overall about 1-2 years to see a major improvement). Also, organic cold pressed rose hip oil is very good for healing your skin. You should wash your skin with rosehip oil. It's very nourishing. Good luck!

    PS Remember to eat lots of fresh raw fruit/ raw vegetables/ raw salads with lemon juice/ mixed nuts/ mixed seeds/ mixed beans/ mixed legumes/ avocado/ mixed berries/ mixed herbs/ mixed spices/ extra virgin oil oil and flaxseed oil daily; and drink lots of spring water.

    Avoid all junk foods/ processed foods/ fizzy drinks/ coffee/ caffienated tea/ microwaves/ fried foods etc.
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