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  1. most of them are on the right side of my face and my chin. The left side is pretty clear with a few spots here and there which is no big deal. There are tons of very tiny blackheads on my forehead. It's been three years. I never really treated them with anything apart from Accutane which didn't work and was a disaster. I have been using BP 10% for a month and it didn't do anything. These two days I used it twice a day and it ruined my face. My eyes were sore and stinging. There are TONS of fine lines appeared overnight all over my forehead and my under eyes. My forehead was always dry and after BP it turns into a piece of creased paper. The fine lines are so obvious even my friends picked up on it. Last time I tried retinol A my face was burnt it took me a week to recover. But I am going on holiday in less than a week. It's so frustrating I don't know what to do with my skin. Please help