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  1. What type of scarring do I have?

    wow your scarring looks very similar to mine. can i ask you your current regimen? have you done any chemical peels through out your acne journey? I ask you this because i believe chemical peels + facials from when i was younger is what caused my orange peel texture.. making my skin so thin over time that every pore is visible now along with some icepick scars. i constantly have to deal with keratin plugs too which is the most stressful thing ever. I used to use bha daily which didnt really help and in fact i think that was also just making my skin even more thinner with the constant exfoliation so i stopped. As for treating the scarring I havn't had any time to to fit it in my schedule but i need to soon. The treatment's I think which can benefit texture like ours is needling and tca cross or tca cross + laser but im not too sure about laser because it thins skin aswe but i seen some promising results hoping i can achieve what some have just need to find the reliable dermatoligst which is not easy these days.. Best of luck!