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  1. how do I cope with severe acne

    I understand what you're going through all too well. I've had acne since I was 12 and I'm 29 definitely gets harder and harder to deal with the older I get. I've never been on accutane (I hadn't ever been to a dermatologist until a couple years ago and I wanted accutane to be my last resort) but I have been on doxycycline and it kept me 100% clear for about a year. The bad news is that I developed a resistance to it and my acne came raging back. Now I'm on spirinolactone and have seen a lot of improvement, though I'm still not completely clear after being on it for almost a year. Those are just my experiences though, there's no way to tell what will work for you. As for coping with the emotional pain that acne causes, I wish I could tell you I have that one figured out after all my years of experience but unfortunately I don't Just remember that you are your own worst critic and the people who genuinely care about you don't judge you for having acne. I tend to avoid going out and I push people away when my skin is at its worst but all that does is make me fixate on my acne even more while I sit at home alone. I know how difficult it is, but try to still be social and allow people to be there for you rather than shutting them out. And if the people in your life are just driving you insane with their well-meaning but annoying suggestions on how to cure your acne (believe me, I know how aggravating that is!) you can always come on here to vent to people who actually understand exactly how you're feeling. You can even send me a PM if you want.
  2. Don't get me wrong, my skin has made a HUGE improvement since I went on Spiro. It's way less oily and my breakouts are much milder than they were before. It's just hard having these stretches of crystal clear skin and finally starting to feel happy and confident, only to get knocked down by another breakout that comes out of nowhere. I really shouldn't complain too much though, my results on this medication have still been pretty great. I'm glad to hear it's been helping you as well!
  3. thats really frustrating. Did you eat anything odd or have a lot of caffeine/ alcohol? Nope I've honestly never noticed a direct correlation between my diet and my breakouts though. I know a lot of people on here are adamant about there being a connection but I can't say that's ever been the case with me. I keep a healthy diet regardless because I think it's important in general but my acne doesn't seem to take notice one way or the other, heh.
  4. Feeling pretty discouraged. I thought I had finally landed at the right dosage of spirinolactone (125 mg) to keep my skin clear, but the past couple of days I've starting breaking out like crazy again. I'm just at a loss. I don't understand how I can still be experiencing so much inconsistency with the state of my acne when everything else (diet, skin care routine, medication etc.) is always the same.
  5. I feel so low right now

    I've done this exact same thing. I started seeing a therapist specifically because of the anxiety and depression I was facing over my acne, but there were days where I would cancel because I didn't have the mental or emotional strength to leave my house. I knew those were the days I needed therapy the most but the hurdles I had to jump to actually get there were too daunting . Don't be too hard on yourself. Having the confidence to not care about your acne or keep it from letting you live your life does not come easy. I've had acne for 18 years and I still don't know how to not let it get me down. Just remember that you're not alone. The community is a great resource for support and advice. We're all here for you.