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  1. Cheek acne that won't go away

    that looks like post acne marks. i would recommend doing a search here, there is some ways to lighten/heal these marks. -just so you know, normal acne treatments like BP cream will slow down the healing process and make these marks stay around longer. anyway, it doesn't look too bad.
  2. Your age bracket

    im 31. everyone tells me i don't look my age, which i guess is a good thing... but ive got a feeling having spots has something to do with it.
  3. Massive Blind Pimple (recurrent) - Adult

    are they the type of lumps which feel like they are full of fluid(?) start off small and grow bigger?
  4. it looks like some post-acne marks & skin irritation(?) - products like Benzoyl Peroxide are great at "killing" spots but cause horrible irrtation and redness. if im correct, take a break from BP cream in that area and let your skin heal. try using a thin layer of sudocrem at night, to help speed up the healing process.
  5. i could be wrong but isnt jaw line acne, hormonal(?) have you tried vitamins? - vitamin c, zinc, vitamin D
  6. Adult acne and trying to conceive

    /\ join the club. if you dont mind wearing makeup, why not just use 5% or 10% BP cream? (something like panoxyl) IME, BP cream kills spots but leaves horrible redness.
  7. Does 'no washing' cure acne?

    i use a mild, sls free soap called sebamed & sometimes use BP cream.. i avoid most other products because they just make my skin worse. for some reason im very sensitive to sls products.
  8. i always found removing pus from a spot makes it heal faster.. and maybe a small amount of BP cream would "kill" it. but safe to say you would have a red mark for a week. i
  9. Does 'no washing' cure acne?

    when i was young, i was on and off antibiotics for acne. they never really worked for me. from what ive read, they apparently cause acne in the long run(?) yes, well my problems did return after giving up the no washing regiment, maybe it was my fault? i just remember trying to remove some blackheads then...whoops.. face is a red mess again. not washing or touching your face takes great discipline, which im not very good at.
  10. Caveman Regimen

    imo the caveman regiment is probably good as a "reset" to see how bad your skin is without any treatments/creams.. and then from there, you can try and find something that works(?)
  11. Does 'no washing' cure acne?

    do a search for the "caveman regiment"..ive done it, it works but is it realistic not to ever wash your face again? anyway after 3 days your skin becomes less oily and then after a few more days it calms down.. then blackheads dry out and come to the surface.. well that's my experience with not washing. if your taking antibiotics you might want to read up on probiotics, as from what ive read, antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut.
  12. please view the photos. any comments would be helpful. what type of problem do i have? up close my skin is smooth with small spots or lumps but from a distance, its a red mess. thanks (photos are my nose,chin & cheek)
  13. I don't known what is this, help!

    mild, post acne marks(?) if they are post acne marks, they go away in there own time.
  14. hi, what amount of vitamin d is ok to take before i run into a problem? (50ug or more?) - the vitamin d i got from the supermarket come in 25ug strength. im also taking 30mg of zinc with copper. just trying to clear up some small spots and facial redness, thanks
  15. you could try nizoral for your hair(?)
  16. if i describe some aspects of my problem, maybe someone can help me label the type of acne i have and then from there i can help my self(?) ideally i want to get rid of the redness. --------- 31/male - acne since i was a teen, doctors treatments (pills/creams) never seemed to help. up close my skin is smooth and the damage & redness is minimal but from a distance its a mess. i have an over production of sebum, blocked pores around my nose. when spots appear, they are normally small with a small amount of pus or under the skin lumps. what ever the problem is, i will always have redness. ive always had a problem with creams and washing = redness. the only good thing is that spot damage seems to heal fairly quickly on my face. -- regarding the photos, i admit some redness is due to picking but gives you an idea of my problem. (photos are of my chin, nose area and cheek)
  17. please delete

    please delete
  18. Red skin

    once a day should be enough. most recommend leaving it on your face for 5-10 mins before washing off. worth doing a search here for nizoral treatment as others had good results from using it.
  19. IMG-6818.JPG

    a small amount of bp cream (5 or 10%) would clear that up.
  20. how do i stop picking

    firstly cut your nails short. then keep time in front of the mirror to a minimum. i myself in the past have put plasters over my index finders as a reminder not to touch my skin, works for a bit but really its all about willpower and realising that when you pick, your making things worse not better.
  21. Changing the way I shave?

    foil electric razors are pretty good. as long as your not to rough with it, your skin will respond much better than a razor. + there is no need for creams or shaving foam with a electric foil razor.. so that would cut down on redness/break outs.
  22. Red skin

    you could try washing daily with nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo.