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  1. flea bite type acne(?)

    i was wondering, would anyone here have an idea why someone would get a flair up of flea bite type acne(?) - diet? sweat? hormonal? other?? every so often, like now... i break out in these red dots across my chest, back & my neck. i wouldn't describe this type of acne as "spots" they seem to be more like irritated/inflamed pores, never developing into a pus filled typical "spot". any information or advice would be appreciated. thanks
  2. 2 aspirin pills mixed with a very small amount of water, smeared on problem areas. leave on over night, wash off in the morning. that's what i do but you might want to google it
  3. im not a doctor but from what ive read in the past, spots which cause an itching/burning sensation would indicate a rash or infection. standard acne treatments probably wont work for you. i would say go see a doctor or talk to your local chemist
  4. i would imagine your skin will probably heal up while your in california due to the weather/sun. regarding your redness, have you tried aspirin masks? ive had good results using them over night.
  5. the only successful method i have found that works is to use an aspirin on the affected area over night. it reduces the inflammation and redness. in my experience all other creams / washes do nothing and the worst thing you can do is squeeze these lumps.
  6. My acne is getting worse. Please help.
  7. horrible breakout after stopping bp!!!
  8. you would be best posting here there is many other posts like yours, worth doing a search.
  9. yes, do a search here or on google.
  10. no not really. in my experience you cant stop red marks (often called "post acne marks"), its just apart of acne. - they fade but it takes time.
  11. Identification Help

    sorry cant really help you but is there anything here that resembles your problem? if so you might be best asking here-
  12. Inflamed pimples

    benzoyl peroxide is great for "killing" spots but well known to cause redness. i dont know what strenght of BP your using but 2.5% or 5% wont cause as much irritation as the standard 10%. might not work for you but if you have an event in a few days and you want to reduce your acne redness, you might want to read up on the use of aspirin on acne.
  13. no, im not saying you must pop your spots.. im only saying from what ive read online & seen on youtube, there is a correct way to pop a spot to minimize the risk of scaring.
  14. Large cyst

    in my experience creams,washes and touching just seem to make these type of cysts worse. might be hard but if you really want to break the cycle i would say leave that infected area alone. don't touch or even wash it for a 3-5 days. .. that the only thing what works for me when i get these lumps.
  15. delete

    your going to have to wait for the top layer of skin to heal up, it shouldn't take long.. 3-5 days as long as you dont pick it. you could try a skin healing cream like "savlon advanced healing gel".. but it should heal on its own.
  16. Pls help me with my teenage acne

    as your a teenager, your probably going through hormonal acne. i would recommend doing a search and reading up on hormonal acne as others would have better advice. but a few thing i would say are.. drink more water avoid fizzy drinks, limit sugar/ sweets avoid any soaps or washes with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SLS is a skin irritant to those with sensitive skin. and don't wash your face more than 2 times a day.. once a day is best.
  17. Little Cyst on my eyelid

    ive had the same thing happen to me maybe 2 or 3 times over many years. like you said, gently prodding it with a cotton bud seems to the trick. i did a search and it seems the reason for getting this problem can be one of many things.. infection, clogged oil gland, dead skin cells,hpv, cyst etc
  18. Clear Face, Back a Mess

    hi, i sometimes get back breakouts, like you i cant really pin it down to one thing causing the problem but i believe it could be caused by hormones & sweat. you might need to experiment with different products to find one that works for you. in my experience, my chest & back can handle harsher products compared to my face, so washes containing SLS are not problem. i also find warm/hot showers tend to work quite well.
  19. you could always pop your spots the correct way to reduce the chances of scaring? do a google search.
  20. Sudden acne

    i my experience it can be a downward spiral, you have a few spots and then you do everything to try to get rid of them and then it just seems to get worse. i would say ditch the apple cider vinegar and let your skin calm down for a few days. you might benefit from the caveman regimen. (start off by giving it 3 days of not washing or touching your skin - use toilet paper to gently wipe your face if needed)
  21. red dot on my nose?

    hard to tell without a photo..
  22. Am I allergic to benzoyl peroxide?

    yes Benzoyl Peroxide can cause redness. 5% or weaker is best. some say BP creams can be washed off after 10mins to avoid redness.
  23. Desperately trying to get rid of this redness

    what products are you currently using?
  24. Red Nose for 2 years

    i think washing your face 4 times a day is excessive. you should aim to wash only once a day. - the more you wash your face the more it can irritate your skin. it could be that Aknefug is too strong for your skin(?) you could try a mild soap like Sebamed and a small amount of PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) only on spots.
  25. Water and acne?

    there is lots of threads on water, worth doing a search. like the cause of acne, no one is a 100% sure. regarding question 1, hard to say, some people have stated hard tap water is a big problem. re question 2, i would not say it would be a problem.. ive never heard of a person breaking out because of drinking water. everyone says drinking water is a must if you want "good" healthy skin.- just dont over do it. re question 3, hard to say, some say its great.. others say bottled water is evil - chemicals from the plastic/ chemicals added to the water (apparently tap water has strict relations unlike bottled water)... i dont know. ....anway from my personal experience, when i kicked my fizzy drink habit and drank more water i saw good results.