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  1. hi all, i just thought i would share some of the good results ive been having against adult acne & redness. the 2 main products im using are Sebamed Soap Bar (around £3) & 5% acncide cream (around £10) - both found in the chemist the "sebamed" soap is sls free, soap free & has a ph of 5.5 - so is ideal for sensitive skin. for a long time i was using 10% panoxyl which is good but is too strong, the acnecide product is very expensive but worth the price considering it can kill spot & not cause horrific redness. i only use a small amount of bp cream at night. (i would love to get my hands on 2.5 BP cream - maybe panoxyl will start make it after brexit ). - shaving, ive given up on using a normal razor and only use a foil electric razor.