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  1. Red skin

    once a day should be enough. most recommend leaving it on your face for 5-10 mins before washing off. worth doing a search here for nizoral treatment as others had good results from using it.
  2. IMG-6818.JPG

    a small amount of bp cream (5 or 10%) would clear that up.
  3. how do i stop picking

    firstly cut your nails short. then keep time in front of the mirror to a minimum. i myself in the past have put plasters over my index finders as a reminder not to touch my skin, works for a bit but really its all about willpower and realising that when you pick, your making things worse not better.
  4. Changing the way I shave?

    foil electric razors are pretty good. as long as your not to rough with it, your skin will respond much better than a razor. + there is no need for creams or shaving foam with a electric foil razor.. so that would cut down on redness/break outs.
  5. Red skin

    you could try washing daily with nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo.
  6. during an interview many, many years ago when i was 16 at marks and spencer, "i dont think you should have a job, working around food with your face.." i was so stupid back then it didnt even register.
  7. im 31 (i look about 23) and ive never dated/had sex. generally im a skinny, unattractive guy (i still get negative looks/ smirks on the street every now and then) but yes i would blame acne for my problems. not saying i was a saint at school but the nasty comments i received from boys and probably more so by girls have left a deep mark on my personality and self esteem. i had very bad acne until my mid 20s and ended up shut off that part of my brain which expected to find love a long time ago.. sad but i dont really have any friends either. my skin is not as bad as when i was young but my personality has been ruined.. i cant attract friends let a lone a women so i go through life numb, with my feelings switched off. my life is empty.
  8. i was just wondering does using bp cream (5 or 10%) help get rid of deep, under the skin acne lumps? thanks