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  1. talcum powder?

    for the last 2 weeks ive had really clear, spot free skin using a type of caveman regimen and a light amount of talcum powder.  i always make sure the powder is nowhere near my nostrils or mouth.    i was just wondering, does anyone else use talcum powder on a daily bases?  even though its working great and im 98% clear, im not sure if i should use it long term?   thanks      
  2. Dark red around nose mouth and chin

     your probably have to do some experimenting of your own to find what will work for you, there is tones of good advice on the acne forum but i have the same. redness / inflammation which ive been able to improve quite a lot.  the main two trains of thought when you have redness on the chin is that the problem is hormonal or either diet related. in my option and experience its diet related because if i ahear to a strict diet and avoid fizzy drinks, sugar, dairy and spicey foods and drink more water my skin calms down a lot. (ive also stopped drinking milk for over a year now and that alone solved half of my redness problem)  you probably also noticed washing your face does not solve this acne problem, again i think its the opposite, you need to consider a type of "caveman regiment", avoiding using soap/creams and washing your face once a day with water only. - by avoiding soap your find your skin will not over produce oils (a lot of soaps have SLS which is a skin irritant and over washing will result in irratation) once you start to solve your redness / inflammation problem, your also notice you will get control of your red flushes, that's my experience.  but on a side note is that blepharitis of the eyelids? ive read you can cure it by using eye cleaning wipes daily for a few weeks. hope this helps 
  3. interesting small news article i spotted today which basically outlines what most of us have know for a long time.. using antibacterial / harsh soap can irritate the skin and cause acne and most days our skin only needs a rinse in water. the short news piece goes on to say how using antibacterial soap regularly in the shower can stop your body recognizing good bacteria leading to acne. worth a quick read -
  4. Personal Log.

    just a quick update. unfortunately it seems my skin can revert back to a mess if i dont follow my own rules with diet etc. i know what i did wrong mainly eating sugar laden junk food,fizzy drinks etc but it seems we have to pay the piper the next day.. will have to see how long it takes for it to calm down again.
  5. Body Acne

    hi mate, might sound a bit strange but one thing which is working for me is avoiding using any creams, soap or bodywash on my acne prone areas (ie my chest, back & shoulders) for those areas i only use water in the shower. ( of course i use soap under my arms etc) if you try it, give it a go for a week and us know how you get on.
  6. Personal Log.

    just a quick update. everything is going very well. my face has calmed down. i have a little redness on my chin but nothing to bad. a few extra things ive done is: -i stopped drinking tea & using koko coconut milk. (koko milk has vitamin B12, which i understand is not good for people with acne) -stopped using vitamins ( which were 30mg zinc/ 200mg vit c). i was expecting a mega break out but everything is fine. -i also swapped my x2 bladed disposable razor for a basic, cheap x1 bladed disposable razor. the gillette type has a "Lubrastrip" which irritates my skin. im currently only using water to shave with. -- as well as only using water on my face ive avoided using soap on my acne prone areas on my chest, shoulders & back. these areas have responded really well & all my acne has calmed down & healed. ( <--- this might help other guys) diet: ive been mainly been drinking water / decaf green tea and eaten what ive liked. in moderation i have had sweets / pepsi max / chocolate but ive not had any bad reactions yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ plan of action: i have a feeling the redness on my chin area is due to shaving with the wrong type of razor. so i will continue using the basic one bladed razor (+water) and see over the next week if it calms down. failing that, from what ive read its probably due to diet. i did also read here that aloe vera is a great cure for post acne marks, so will look into buying a plant. but current diet and skin care routine has calmed most of the redness.
  7. what soap do you use? some soaps can cause irritation. a lot of people only use water to wash their faces, which might work for you. also don't wash your face more than 2 times a day.