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  1. many, many years ago i use to work at McDonalds for about 5months. i never witnessed any bad practices with food preparation whilst working at McDonalds. if i remember correctly, the fish was cooked & kept separate from other foods. i just remember it being a very greasy environment. sounds strange but when i was working in the back making the food, it seemed even the air was greasy. it was a hot environment and at the end of your shift you would be covered in greasy oil. it would be on your hair, skin, clothes. its diffidently not healthy food. (don't forget fizzy drinks like coke can zap your zinc levels)
  2. no, dont use it on your face. However, it may not be sold for use on the delicate skin of the face. Long-term use or high-strength steroids can damage the skin, which would be particularly noticeable on the face. This problem is not known to occur commonly with hydrocortisone that is sold over the counter, but it's still sensible to avoid using it on your face unless absolutely necessary. Some common skin conditions that affect the face can be made worse by hydrocortisone, such as impetigo, rosacea and acne.
  3. unfortunately from personal experience ive found those types of home remedies tend to cause redness and make things worse. if you can get it, i would recommend panoxyl aquagel 10% gel because when it drys it has a bit of whiting element, which hides some redness if you leave it on your skin + it kills spots. but you might need to talk to a doctor to get help.
  4. can low iron cause acne?

    if its something that has been highlighted by a doctor i would defiantly look into it. IMO each sufferer with acne has their own personal battle. so correcting your iron levels could fix or help your acne(?). did your doctor not recommend prescription iron tablets? there is some old threads here on the forum talking about links between acne and low iron levels. i would recommend doing a search.
  5. Help

    i assume your using a razor blade? unfortunately razors and shaving gel/foam can irritate acne and make things worse. have you considered an electric razor? i would highly recommend a good electric foil razor (not a rotary electric razor), for me i find when i use my electric foil razor my skin calms down and does not tend to break out.
  6. Shaving Acne (Razor Bumps)

    my understanding is that razor bumps can be caused by either a blunt razor, using too much pressure when shaving or going over the same area too many times. you should also be reapplying shaving gel/foam each time you shave. i would recommend doing a search on youtube as there is many good clips on shaving techniques for people with acne which i found helpful. failing that you could get a electric foil razor, i find they work really well for me.
  7. Shaving Cream?

    ive found ive had no bad skin reactions to "king of shaves shaving gel - sensitive skin" its doesn't foam up but i find it works quite well. also i know 2 bladed razors are highly recommended for people with acne but i find 3 bladed ones works better for me. - so really, you have to find what works for you.
  8. acne cyst lumps(?)

    hi, it seems every other week i end up getting medium/large sized acne cyst lumps, which are either on my face or on my back. ( i think most often they are filled with fluid, which is under the skin) - at the moment im hosting 2, one on my cheek, one on my back. i was just wondering does anyone have an idea or theory why we get these types of acne lumps
  9. zinc question

    hi guys. i subscribe to the cave man regiment (no soap & minimal face washing) and a little of bit of BP. my diet is not great at the moment so ive started taking vitamin zinc again (i had good results in the past) - seems to help reduce all redness and spots. im taking x3 tablets of 15mg zinc. i was just wondering if this level of zinc would mean that i would need to take copper or some other vitamins? a few other question i have are - what is the safe upper limit for taking zinc? at what level would you need to take an other vitamins to stop side effects of zinc? how much zinc is depleted by a glass or bottle of coca-cola?