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  1. is microneedling effective in treating acne scars?

    Its kind of up to the people claiming it does work to provide proof of it doing so, so how about linking some threads that have pictures showing actual progress from microneedling?
  2. is microneedling effective in treating acne scars?

    You'll never see before and after pics from someone who claims to have good results from needling
  3. Looking for some advice on my scarring

    its so mild that anything other than chemical peels would be overkill and not worth it imo
  4. is microneedling effective in treating acne scars?

    its total bullshit
  5. honestly looks like a dimple I wouldn't even think that was due to cortisone atrophy if you hadn't said it
  6. Nose Acne

    If this has been going on for 5 years I think its safe to say you should give accutane a try. I really think it is the cure to this problem, it will totally stop the oil production.