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  1. What has happened this forum1?

    Ever since I started using this website about two years ago its been absolutely overflowing with misinformation, unfortunately back then I didnt recognize it and I tried a lot of dumb shit. The ones that bug me most;  1) Red marks are hyperpigmentation. No they are not, red marks are erythema. No amount of chemical peels will get rid of them. And in my personal experience, are likely to make them worse. 2) Lasers dont work. Actually, they do. My scars were wayyyyyy worse than most on this sub. They are so, so much better now. Probably undetectable to most unless in really bad lighting, so they dont really bother me anymore. Cost me about 7k in total, definitely worth it though.  3) Accutane is super scary. Not really, its nothing in comparison to having severe acne. If you notice your acne is starting to scar, its probably time for accutane. 4) Putting honey, or some other shit on your face will cure your acne. It wont.  Im very lucky in that I had a good doctor that was able to correct the majority of my scarring, and that I dont get acne anymore. I just come back here every once in a while to hopefully help one or two people because acne affected me very deeply, and it makes me sad to see it affecting others in the same way. It also frustrates me to see all the terrible misinformation that people spread around here. I honestly think this site should be looked at as more of a support group than a reliable source of info.
  2. No it wont. What you have is erythema, and it cant be peeled away like hyperpigmentation.
  3. image.jpeg

    LOL yea, put honey on your face, that will help!! If you actually want to do something about your scars you need to see a derm, there is no home remedy thats gonna help you. In my opinion you should look into derms that do subcision, and maybe tca cross for the ice picks.
  4. Your scars are so mild that you're better off just forgetting about them
  5. Is There Any Hope? Accutane?

    Haha, you are just like I was a year or two ago. Just get the accutane man its a life saver. I cant stress enough how overhyped the side effects of accutane are, especially when compared to having acne thats taking over your life. Also if you take hot showers you should avoid getting it on your face, it aggrevates the shit out of acne/scars.
  6. Please Help! Went From Clear Skin To Acne!

    lol wtf is this