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  1. Starting The Taaaane

    Heyyyyyyy!!! Just thought i would see how everyone is doing and who may be lurking around to give an update Yes thanks for noticing that I dissed paper brown bag lady profile pic, for a pic of myself..that was good 2mnths ago? BUT i feel like a bit of a fibber since my skin doesnt look nearly that nice in person....but from the right distance, w/ makeup, in specific lighting, it appears not so bad Thank u baby jesus for concealer and foundation I saw a new derm recently who rec zianna than differen (im sorry did I mention she suggested possible going back on tane) Problem is even 3x a week and buffered my skin cant tolerate retin-a I also get red and blotchy from the slightest bit of 2.5% BP I get probably 3-5 spots a week but they are tiny whiteheads or mostly small red bumps that go away in about 1-3 days My skin texture is DRY/dehydrated and anything I try to use for hydration usually causes spots or an oily service still feel my hands are tied So here I am with red dehydrated skin and small bumps My skin is also pretty sensitive and burns a lot of the time well thats about it for me lookign forward to some other chimming in Kim  
  2. 32 Old 3Rd Time On Isotretinoin

    Ive only been on tane once at 41ish I saw derm 4 mnth post tane and she mentioned a POSSIBLE second course....I wanted to jump up and slap her silly! GOOD LUCK hang in there kim  
  3. so I got my eyebrows waxed on accutane

    I cringed when I saw your post!!! Im so sorry I couldnt even thread on tane...ripped my skin off also Put on aloe and hydrocortisone 1% (some come with aloe) Good luck It will heal! kim
  4. Bicalutamide Log

    UGH so sorry are the breakouts persisting getting any better since stopping tane? are u able to use any rx or OTC to prevent breakouts kim
  5. might be only one of the rx products I havent tried Im 4.5 mnth post tane and my derm rec gentle cleanser/moisturizer and ziana every other night (it's .25 retin-a and topical antibiotic) thanks kim
  6. So Very Tired Of This.

    Everyone is so different and I ahve not tried spiro myself but friends that are on it still get the occasional small pimple that resolves quickly It seems spiro helps prevent large cysts or lingering breakouts BUT sounds like your skin is fried from the topicals/rx stuff NOW that u have been on spiro for a bit maybe back off on the OTC acne products and rx stuff (are i still using differen) Sorry cant be more helpful such a struggle to find that right balance I feel like i either have natural looking skin and normal texture with breakouts OR fry my skin so its red and dry and tight but for the most part bump free still searching for that happy middle ground GL kim
  7. Adult Female Acne

    So sorry this. just sucks! Have u considered spiro for hormonal acneI know people taking a low dose (50mg) and it has been helping I am post tane (4mnths) and my skin care routine now is very gentle BUT prior to considering acne the ebst regiment for me was BP and retin-a at night I dont know how your skin tolerates BP but i would use it all over in the am to prevent breakouts Sorry I couldnt be more helpful!gl k im
  8. I have a friend on only 50mg and it has helped so much! she still breaks out or even gets a cyst rarely but never ever needs shots....goes away/down on its own quickly gl kim
  9. Bicalutamide Log

    Oh man BITCH we still have to struggle wit this after tane what the heck does your derm have to say Ok please keep me posted My skin texture is awful and still super picky...cant use lots of things the ONLY pro since taking tane is my spots stay small and dont get very ugly big anf inflammed ugh trying to grasp for that silver lining good luck and please keep me posted!! kim
  10. Starting The Taaaane

    bumping to check on my post tane peeps! Kim
  11. Bicalutamide Log

    Hey Paige!! Sorry tane didnt work this time I know lots have probably already said this.... but maybe skin will improve also with time? I was getting red spots until the end of tane and for a good 2-3 weeks after.... Still get small random spots weekly but go away within 1-3 days (still not ideal...I know) GL with this bicalutamide. Did the derm rec it? how does it differ from spiro? Im not familiar with it....please keep us posted! Just popping back in looked it up FYI kim
  12. Women Still Suffering From Acne After 30

    all this talk of PH? How can u find what PH a cleanser/products is? thanks much kim
  13. Women Still Suffering From Acne After 30

    WOW that is awesome! Thanks so much for all this detailed info I really believe the tane fried my skin and barrier My skin is very red/bumpy and i still break out in random small spots that heal in 2-3 days Its annoying because ive tracked ing and tried to repair my barrier with the right products but NOTHING seems to work for long If i use anti acne products I dry my sin out further and that causes problems If i papmer my skin and try to hydrate it only with approp products i break out in spots and my skin looks like an oil slick so frustrating Great that u found a routine that works for you! kim
  14. Women Still Suffering From Acne After 30

    Oldie here 42 Struggling since about 38 Tried antibiotics and every rx and OTC product u can name I was on a 6mnth course of tane and am 4 mnth post tane now....different set of problems now.... Kim
  15. Hi I am 4 mnth post tane I started on 20mg and it was GREAT oil cleared up and skin was clear and smooth Once i switched to 40mg I had a horrible IB (cant say for sure if that was it or timing) and it snowballed after that If i had to do it again I might have stuck with 20mg for a longer period of time Once i increasd to 40 than 60mg the side effects got worse and I just wanted to finish the course as when I reduced my dosage at that time the side effects didnt improve kim
  16. First off your skin looks AMAZING No tane or rx topicals wth are u using???? please post! I am also like you...I had VERYYYYY oily skin and mild breakouts that persisted over 4 yrs I begged for spiro but was denied and offered tane I took it as a last resort and to put these skin issues behind me Im now 4 mnths POST tane and am an anxious nervous wreck over my skin I am completely paranoid my acne and oil is going to return I do break out quit often..which doesnt help myabe 3-5x a week and they are very small and go away within 1-3 days BUT my skin is red, bumpy texture and dehydrated and i feel just as insecure if not worse now than pre tane Hang in there wish I had more helpful advice kim
  17. Finally Done With Accutane!

  18. No problem. Glad I could help I think being on such a low dose you would be looking at a 10mnth treatment (give or take maybe 1 yr) BUT looking back I think I would have stayed at 20mg longer I think increasing my dose fried my skin..causing it to be so ultra sensitive now (where I cant even use 2.5% BP or retin-a) I also think my side effects picked up with my increased dose..and that point i figured i would keep at the higher dose and get treatment over with! NOT realizing 4mnths post atne mys kin would be this red/sensitive I assumed after i stopped taking tane my skin would calm down. Good luck again! anything else just shoot me a pM kim
  19. No worries ask anything Im in my ealry 40's as well I discussed low dose tane with my Dr (after being denied spiro) I thought we were on the same page until she handed me my first rx for tane for 60mg I expressed my concerns and IB so she suggested i take 20mg the first mnth and increase to 40mg for a mnth than 60mg I promised myself with each increase I wouldnt increase my dose further (but i did...which i now regret) I was told mid treatment if I didnt increase to 8o mg the treatment wouldnt work and my oily skin would return (and mild breakouts) I had the annoying typical side effects but also major lethagy so decided to increase to 60mg for a brief while so that I could finish my 6mnth treatment Im 4 mnths post tane and the shine is coming back though no where near how bad it was pre tane Im a little concerned with congestion coming back to my nose (again i think due to the oily skin) GL with your treatment plan any other questions, just fire kim
  20. Just wanted to jump in and say good luck! I started tane for mild acne also but also crazy oily skin..using blotting papers every 1/2 hr and having people ask me why am i so sweaty/shiny I started on 20mg of tane and within 2 weeks it was amazing..all the excess oil went away and my skin looked clear and 'normal' I decided to increase my dose 9well as per the dr) to get treatment over quickly and that is where things went haywire Maybe because i want taking tane for severe acne? but just throwing in my 2 cents good luck to uou! kim
  21. Entire time i was on tane i got small little red bumps I was waiting for the magical day as well Sorry...wish I had more positive uplifting news I'm 4 mnth post tane now and get small small blips frequently but they either stay the same or go away quickly kim
  22. Yes like I was run over by a bus NO energy! kim
  23. Post-Accutane

    U look amazing! congrats! I colored my hair the entire time i was on tane (bleach) and had NO problems I am 4 mnths post tane and my skin is still very red, dry and sensitive GL Kim
  24. Thanks Been off tane 4 mnths and my skin is still sensitive as hell and i am getting oilier with some minor clogged pores/small blips thanks all see a new derm in 2 weeks My derm that prescribed tane only suggested i come back if I start breaking out again and wasnt much help at any after care Kim
  25. Starting The Taaaane

    Hi jumping in BUT thought high fat meal wasnt an issue anymore? does it depend on the brand u take? Just for me I did better splitting the dose if i took it all at once my nose got BRGHT red like idea why but i was told it really doesnt matter as long as u et the dose in within 24hr period kim