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  1. Accutane and chapped lips

    ONLY thing that worked for me was Dr Dan cortibalm Have to print the sheet from the webiste and bring to any pharmacy to order GL its not $$ and last for a while
  2. Length of Tretinoin Initial Breakout

    I may be the minority but when I started retin-a nightly about 10yrs ago I had no redness, peeling etc My skin was so tough, thick and oily Start slow and use a pea or less for your entire face GL kim  
  3. Accutane before or after a vasectomy?

    I would def. get the big V BEFORE u start tane Im 8 mnths post tane and my skin is still SOOOO sensitive (and my skin was like steel pre tane..not sensitive at all!) and terrible at healing/recovering from any trauma.... Good luck, kim  
  4. Hi all Im 8 mnths post tane I was on 20mg for 2 weeks followed by 40 than 60 course was 6 mnths..i ended on the low end of the acceptable range as far as mg The first 2 weeks were oil dried up and I didnt break out once, but after increasing my dose i broke out 3-5x a week..mostly in smaller bumps I was hoping tane caused irritation and the spots would stop post tane BUT 8 mnth out and im still getting spots..3-5 a week and they typically go away quickly BUT my nose is becoming more and more oily and Im getting more blackheads and closed com/thick skinned small clogged pores I am considering a low dose of in 20mg a day or even 60mg a week  I am still battling dry eyes from my course so that has me hesitant Im also concerned because if tane didnt help before....why would it help now I was hoping for my skin to get less sensitive and to start getting IPL and hydrafacials to I feel im back peddling I wonder if I try tane lets say for a month and it doesnt help at all...and I I need to wait 6 mnths for facials/IPL etc does the clock turn back to ZERO Any thoughts or feedback appreciated Kim
  5. Sorry you are on another course but being low dose and hopefully u wont have any side effects good luck! kim
  6. Low dose Accutane : Yes it works but...

    So tough I was on 6 mnth of tane and never stopped getting spots the entire treatment Prior to tane i had a few spots every month but they were LARGE and caused massive scarring Now I get 3-5 small tiny spots a week that clear in 1-3 days My derm mentioned another course low dose tane BUT I still have eye dryness, joint paint and lethargy..scared of going back on and long term side effects   kim  
  7. Just wondering who may still be floating around and if they want to post to update since most of us have been off 7-8ish months now?   Im doing OK Skin is still supppppper sensitive, and I cant really use anything active My face now that the weather finally changed and is cooler/forced heat is often dry and red (not flaky)   My nose is super oily but the rest of my face is pretty dry I get little blips quit often (several a week, go away within 1-3 days)   I got my first HUGE breakout in over a year at least after a night of drinking and eating around the holidays. But thankfully it didnt get worse and was gone within about 3 days   Just wondering how everyone is doing..what they are using? anyone considering a second round of tane, bcp, or spiro? KIM
  8. Starting The Taaaane

    Heyyyyyyy!!! Just thought i would see how everyone is doing and who may be lurking around to give an update Yes thanks for noticing that I dissed paper brown bag lady profile pic, for a pic of myself..that was good 2mnths ago? BUT i feel like a bit of a fibber since my skin doesnt look nearly that nice in person....but from the right distance, w/ makeup, in specific lighting, it appears not so bad Thank u baby jesus for concealer and foundation I saw a new derm recently who rec zianna than differen (im sorry did I mention she suggested possible going back on tane) Problem is even 3x a week and buffered my skin cant tolerate retin-a I also get red and blotchy from the slightest bit of 2.5% BP I get probably 3-5 spots a week but they are tiny whiteheads or mostly small red bumps that go away in about 1-3 days My skin texture is DRY/dehydrated and anything I try to use for hydration usually causes spots or an oily service still feel my hands are tied So here I am with red dehydrated skin and small bumps My skin is also pretty sensitive and burns a lot of the time well thats about it for me lookign forward to some other chimming in Kim