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  1. SAME HERE and i think Im going to throw in the towel I am 1 yr out from a 6mnth course of tane I was getting 3-5 small spots a week but was woried my skin would continue to get worse long story short, I was put on 100mg doxy 2x a day and things have just got worse and worse and worse Im getting 2-3 spots a day! I guess some meds dont work for everyone I dont want to continue this med and never get relief... kim
  2. My path to clear skin

    I hear what u are saying I have tracked ingrediants Ive tried all natural products (trying to avoid anything possible acne causing...) Ive tried complex routines and the most simple routine... I have a few ing I avoid but other than that pre tane, on tane and post tane..I get multiple small spots a week Good luck with the low dose....fingers crossed~ kim
  3. So glad u found a combo that works!! Im still struggling with finding a routine, because everything still breaks me out...diff than pre tane but still breaking out Im torn if i should go the low dose tane route or BCP....think it would make sense, for me, to TRY one before both The only thing i worry about with the tane (even low dose) is my eyes/eye dryness/contacts etc Im also pretty diligent about avoiding the sun but i wonder how being on tane over the summer would work.. glad you updated and things are going well Pls keep us posted...glad u found a derm willing to work with you! kim Just wanted to say good luck and please keep us posted I also broke out the entire time on tane and was hoping stopping tanw would improve things fingers crossed, things improve quickly for you! kim
  4. My path to clear skin

    Im just reading what is going on with you, and im sooooo sorry!!!! Its devastating to go through 6+mnths of accutane and still break out! Always scary because the biggest fear is the breakouts getting worse and winding up the same or worse than pre tane I broke out in small spots my ENTIRE accutane course (6 mnths)...I hoped it was due to irritation and I would stop breaking out after tane..but that didnt happen I would get 3-4 small red bumps a week and they would go away in 1-3 days My skin texture is awful and my skin is horrible sensitive..I cant tolerate any rx to prevent breakouts or OTC meds I begged the derm for spiro and that is when things went from bad to worse...I woke with MULTIPLE spots a day and developed a horrrrrible cysts on my chest and a smaller one on my neck when I NEVER EVER had body acne before in my life My derm said it was coincidence but i didnt think so and after 6 weeks stopped spiro Crappy part is I expected y skin to go back to how it was pre spiro but it getting more small spots than ever My derm put me on oracea (low dose antibiotc)..its been 3 weeks and it hasnt helped at all She also wants to try differen..but every RX has caused more irritation/burning Im also very bummed and at a loss and my oil came back..but im dehydrated..makes no sense! My demr is opposed to low dose tane and that was going to be my next step..but after reading your post Im afraid!!! any chance the epiduo could be the culprit? GL and hang in there kim
  5. Hey I was wondering how you were doing..glad to hear things are going well!! Im 1 yr post tane My skin is still breaking out (mild yet persistent) I was so excited to get my hands on spiro but after 6 weeks I had to stop taking wasnt for me My derm isnt opposed to low dose tane, but wants me to try differen and oracea first. Im currently 3 weeks on oracea and things are no better Im not opposed to taking tane low dose, but am just concerned because my skin is super sensitive and gets red and I still have issues with dry eyes Do u experience any sife effects from the low dose tane? How long will your derm have you on it? Are u able to use any actives? I also see my gyno in a few weeks to talk about bcp I was on a pill a few years ago that made my skin crystal clear..I have NO clue the name But that is another otpion Kim
  6. Round 2 of Accutane

    GL I am about 1 yr off of a 6mnth course of tane My breakouts got smaller but never stopped completely I just tried spiro which was a bust and am taking oracea now..if that doesnt work I plan on considering low dose tane GL pls keep us posted My only concern is using tane over the summer/sun/skin sensitivity kim
  7. A little back story I was on tane for 6 mnths....entire time got small spots a week which continued after my course I decided to try tane only at 50mg to start and stayed on it for almost 6 weeks I got the worst largest cysts of my life on my chest, spotted the entire time (expected this), skin became even more dry/red...but the worst part is I broke out TONS more My chin and jaw line have been clear since tane but once I started spiro I had 7-10 small spots, bumps etc on my chin jaw ones would pop up daily My last spiro pill was Monday and my chin/jaw is completely looks much better Maybe I should have stuck with it longer ..but with no assurance that things would eventually get better i concluded it was not for looked horrible being so incredibly dry My derm rec oracea and im hoping this will work better for me! well just posting as an FYI for anyone taking spiro or in the same position kim
  8. Post accutane experience - please read

    How long have u been off tane? I was on a 6 mnth course and am now about 11 mnths post tane and I deal with 3-5 small spots a week My skin is still very sensitive/red and i cant use anything rx or OTC to prevent breakouts because of the sensitivity Im hoping it improves with time kim
  9. I was on 6 mnth of tane and am now 11 mnth post tane I was getting minor breakouts my entire tane course and have continued to get 3-5 small spots a week My derm put me on 50mg spiro and my skin is BY FAR worse now as far as breakouts and y skin is even more red/dry, and sensitive Im wondering if spiro is not for me or if 25mg is worth a try since my breakouts are small/minor thanks, kim