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  1. I was on 6 mnth of tane and am now 11 mnth post tane I was getting minor breakouts my entire tane course and have continued to get 3-5 small spots a week My derm put me on 50mg spiro and my skin is BY FAR worse now as far as breakouts and y skin is even more red/dry, and sensitive Im wondering if spiro is not for me or if 25mg is worth a try since my breakouts are small/minor thanks, kim
  2. Hey all I was on tane for 6 mnths Im now about 11 mnths post tane and have been dealing with small but stubborn breakouts I wanted to try only 50mg of spiro..since my problems were minimal and wanted to avoid side effects well Im breaking out more than usual and i have a HUGE monster cyst on my chest...never eveeeeer had anything close to this in my life! Im seeing derm tomorrow wondering if spiro just not for me..or going through IB Kim
  3. Feeling Discouraged

    tane is a BIOTCH! Im 10 mnths post tane and i remember at the end of my 6mnth tane course, I couldnt wait to get off that hellish drug! TRY to get Dr dans cortibalm..its a LIFESAVER Print the slip off the website and bring to your pharmacy for them to order for you..My local shoprite pharmacy did this no problem My derm suggested only using 2x a day but it made a huge difference! GL Kim
  4. Spironolactone advise

    Hey Im 42 also and started spiro about 2 weeks ago I am 10mnth post accutane I also only started breaking out right before i hit 40 The tane worked but I was still getting stubborn breakouts (small ones) about 3 x a week and wanted to be crystal clear! My derm rec 50mg spiro...I started 2 weeks ago and my skin is much worse now Lots and lots of small pimples I am so torn with sticking it out hoping it gets better.....Im afriad it wont kick in and ill be n a worse place than I started! Im supposed to see my derm in 6 weeks to re-group I have heard some people have an IB and eventually things clear up but others just seem to continue to break out worse GL Kim
  5. Taking a break from accutane

    when i was having issues my derm suggested stopping and cant remember if she said if you still for 2 or 4 weeks and start again its like you never stopped do u know your cum dose? in 5 mnths you may have taken enough
  6. Spiro /Epiduo

    I dont have much to add as I think Ive tried every rx but epiduo (??) I am on day #4 of 50mg spiro Call me crazy but i got a few red bump in weird places since starting..but ive heard skin doesnt get worse before better with spiro and its awfully hoping its a fluke! No side effects so far..I take at around 5-6 with dinner GL Kim
  7. Starting The Taaaane

    Hey Derp!!!!! SO happy to hear you are acne free! I remember u were on a super high dose... *happppppy dance* what retin-a are u using? I'm doing OK I get 3-5 spots a week but they are generally small and go away in 1-3 days The spots I get though, are in odd places..places I never broke out pre tane (temple/mustache area/bridge nose) and places I broke out pre tane, I never ever get spots (evil twist!) My skin is super sensitive...texture is rough I still struggle finding products Heavy products make me oily and cause more breakouts and light lotions etc arent hydrating enough Ive seen my derm a few times and and have tried some OTC stuff and rx but my skin gets irritated and red My newest rx is differen which I havent tried yet I was also put on 50mg of spiro...for hormonal acne Its a very low dose....the derm thinks because my issues are may do the trick Im on day#4 and no neg side effects..yet....yeahhhhh My derm also suggested waiting until the Fall to try any type or peels or IPL for freckles/spots etc Hope to hear from everyone else Kim
  8. Low Dosage Accutane?

    I would def consider low dose tane That was my plan on tane, but i got antsy and increased my dosage to get it over with..and i now regret it BUT 20mg a week I think would be pointless I would consider 20mg a day or 20mg 3-4x a week When I started tane I started at 20mg a day and had no side effects my skin just dried up (not so oily) and little bumps flattened out..I felt great and skin looked great as I increased my dose the side effects grew and 9 mnths post tane they still linger gl any questions lmk kim