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  1. Awwww thanks much Its hard to deal w but i know im not the only one in this boat If you ever want to chat or vent...PM me GL Kim
  2. UGH took tane for 6 mnths, 2 yrs ago My dr wanted me on a higher dose so I have a ton of tane left I had my regular b/w and never had a problems/side effects Ive tried everything else and Ive finally decided (and my derm is on board) with trying low dose tane 40mg a week I thought i could use some of the pills I have left and avoid time to get approval and wait b.w I was going to to go through my derm anyway, but wanted to start before the holidays My meds are in the box not even opened but expiration date reads 4/16 Kim
  3. any products recs everything irritates me
  4. Hi all Im 43..only started breaking out in my late 30's Thought a quick visit to the derm would fix things..boy was I wrong For a few years I tried watching my diet, every OTC and rx you could imagine...tracking ing not wearing name it I decided 2 yrs ago to go on tane for 6 mnths I stopped getting larger breakouts but continued smaller spots the entire time As time as passed the spots have gotten larger and more frequent (though not as it was pre tane) I tried spiro/50mg for 8 mnths and had tons of small spots on my face and got body cycts which i never ever had before Derm said it was unrelated but since it wasnt helping at all..I stopped spiro I tried doxy up to 200mg a day, oracea..nothing helped My skin is so unbearably sensitive from tane (even now) i cant use any actives or my skin is on fire and red (which it is most of the time anyway) I started BCP this first pill (enpresse) I was on for 3 mnths and had no improvements and spotted EVERY SINGLE DAY I switched to ortho cyclen.....I.m in my 4th mnth and skin is worse than ever-no side effects BUT not helping my skin and that is the only reason Im taking it What do I do now? My options I considered was try spiro again-maybe 25mg Start another bcp? different brand? stop the ortho to see if making things worse IDK what other options I have at this point recently tried metrogel in case more rosacea based that metro made me red and caused burning/dryness My last derm appt my derm looked at me and said what do you want me to do Of course i have been to several over the years any insight appreciated kim
  5. Ortho Cyclen/sprintec Success Stories?

    Hi all Im taking ortho cyclen now and dont know what to do I took accutane 2 yrs ago for 6 mnths and it helped with larger breakouts but i still get small breakouts frequently (did the entire time on tane) I tried spiro for 8 weeks but also broke out and had some nasty side effects so since i had ZERO benefit..I stopped I tried enpresse for 3 mnths (BCP) and had zero improvement and tond of spotting I just started my 4th pack of ortho cyclen and my skin is worse than ever I dont know what to do? try another bcp.....stick it out longer with ortho or stop since its not working or could be making things worse Hate the unkown! Thanks any insight kim
  6. Thanks My skin is not liking the cetaphil gentle....thanks for the cetaphil bar rec..check out ing Ive thought about trying clinique redness solutions cleanser or mild cleanser (think its in a pump) have any exp with either? Thanks for the phytomer rec..Ill try anything now and pay for it if it will work but is that on line only? I try to avoid on line, since so little works thanks though kim
  7. PLEASE HELP: Low dose Accutane

    Im thinking the jump caused the problem, and I would try to stick with 20mg I was on 20mg for 2 weeks and had ZERO breakouts I jumped to 40 than 60 and broke out the entire time on tane I wish I stuck with the 20mg at this point, I would stick with 20 until you reach your max dosage I dont think increasing will help just my .02 gl kim
  8. right now im using cetaphil gentle cleansing lotion and cerave in the blue/white pump Im trying to eliminate any fragrance, actives etc in hopes of calming my skin down right now its dehydrated, dry, red, tight and breaking out any suggestions? tia kim
  9. I had moderate but persistant acne and I think the higher level tane fried my skin Im 2 yrs out and my skin is very very veryyyyyy sensitive and I developed rosacea I also still break out often..though mild kim
  10. Third Course Of Accutane Log

    GOOD LUCK Im thinking of doing a second course..has your acne come back the same every time? has it gotten any better? tia kim
  11. Roacuttane not helping to me..

    I agree so not what u want to hear but it can take 4-6 mnths to see an improvement I hope it happens for u soon! I am also wondering your dosage are u on 60-80 mg daily?