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  1. Not sure how low dose treatment would work for other cases but i'm pretty positive about it for 'control' at least. I've been taking 20mg once/twice a week for a year now, depending on how my skin is responding, weather, etc. My main problem was excessive oiliness, and some big pimples here and there, probably due to too much oil, i've tried the cumulative dose treatment in 2014~, 20mg a day for 6 months, no side-effects other than dry skin/hair, which is actually good! Just need to stay hydrated and use moisturizer. Few weeks after i stopped taking isotretinoin my skin was just as oily as it was before so i talked to my derm about trying low dose to keep my oiliness in check, since no other medication had helped even a little bit, and she agreed. I'd say low dose treatment is worth to anyone who didn't get the expected results from cumulative dose and 'permanent cure', and should be less painful to go through to those who had bad side-effects.