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  1. Hi Grover, Rather than fill up this forum with an essay about my lip trials and tribulations, I think I'll send you a PM. For anyone else following this, more than happy to share ... jut drop me a line and I'll bring it back into the public domain! L
  2. Hi both, I've been supplementing with b2 for the last month. Perhaps a little improvement but definitely nothing better than having a few more 'good days.' Are you speaking from experience Tryingtohelp? I've never played much mind as to whether it's the active form ... just standard Swansons ... do you know what the difference is? My combo of choice at the moment is shea butter and pure lanolin. I know I don't have an allergy to either due to an elimination exercise I did during my treatment. I'm currently avoiding anything and everything else including beeswax, petroleum and all makeup! I have no allergen patch test booked in next week, and the derm currently has me on emovate ointment. He says it's a dermatitis and I need a stronger steroid to get it into remission, and to use it for longer than the standard 7 days. Its been 3 weeks already ... whilst my lips feel in better shape in terms of peeling and dryness, I can't say the redness around them has drastically improved. I was wondering Grover whether you would mind doing a photo swap? It would be useful (and comforting) to have a point of reference. Much love
  3. This is an old post but I too an suffering the same issue, and it's quite frankly as depressing as the acne! It's been about 5 months and my lips are almost as bad as when I was on the meds. Constant redness around the rims; peeling, flaking, intense feeling of dryness and irritation. Like Grover I'm starting to exhaust all solutions. I'm booked in for a patch test in a couple of weeks but I can't help feeling they have just been permanently destroyed. Would love to hear if any fellow sufferers found an alternative ... I was certain at one point that it was some kind of fungal issue but the standard antifungal creams have done nothing. The doc gave me a different steroid to try last week (emovate cream) but as of yet it's as ineffective as hydrocortisone. I would love to leave the house without worrying about my god damn lips ... I sometimes use concealer and a lip liner to put the natural edges back in (I'm a girl!) but after a couple of hours of wiping various balms over my lips it looks worse than when I started!