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  1. Ortho Cyclen Log

    Thanks so much for your advice and response. My acne is totally hormonal I just hate the worse before better stage. Last time I took ortho I got so discouraged even though my chest magically cleared. And initially my face was clearing and was so smooth then the cysts just freaked me out. They are so deep and painful and I'm afraid it ultimately won't work. It just embarrassing to be 25 and going to work with a face full of painful cysts. I have my pills and will be starting tomorrow. Hopefully this initial breakout won't last too long. Thanks so much for the well wishes and the support it means alot to me.
  2. Ortho Cyclen Log

    Well this us more for myself than for anyone else I guess. Status of skin: Extremely oily, red, plenty of clogs waiting to turn active. I have a HUGE cyst right under my eye that just came to a head tonight so I had to pop it. I am not kidding I've had this for over a month and this is the second time it's inflamed. Oddly my cysts never come to head this one did. Now it's so inflamed and feels huge under my skin in such an obvious place. Ugh. My chest is okay no clogs. My back is messy clogged oily bumpiness. Thoughts: I have a derm appointment on the 28th to a new guy. I'm hoping that we can speak about accutane. I've been getting more and more cystic breakouts alot of inflammation. I will start bcp on Sunday but I'm hoping that if they don't work out and my skin goes really bad we consider it at least. I'm just so depressed over my skin man. I feel like I've tried so much already switching topicals and antibiotics and my skin just always looks like shit. I'm praying to God that this year I really get a hold of my skin and feel beautiful again. Regimen: Purpose cleanser AM 2.5% bp AM Doxy 100mg (took 2 today) Advil liquid gels (took 2 for that cyst) Purpose cleanser PM Tazorac gel 1% PM Wish me luck bless you all!
  3. Ortho Cyclen Log

    Hello All! Like all of you I am on a quest to clear my skin and bring my body to some form of hormonal balance. A little about my acne i actually never had acne issue until I went on another bcp (for PCOS and irregular cycles) called Lutera. I was on that for 2 months or so and came off of it because I was getting really weird side effects like night sweats, nausea and mild acne of course. When I came off of it all hell broke loose and I started experiencing hot flashes, more acne, extremely oily skin, and body acne. I became severely depressed for about 6 months and began researching and started using Dong Quai, Licorice Root and Peony Extract. While this did help regulate my cycle initially i started getting weird side effects and worse acne and stopped. Now I actually tried Ortho Cyclen before and took it for about 11 days and broke out in BAD cystic acne. I am prone to cystic acne but don't experience them often. Spiro also causes me to breakout in cysts but to be fair I've never given either medication a fair shot... the cysts really scare the crap out of me. Now why dont I try something like yasmin/yaz you ask? Well I also suffer from hormonal migraines with Aura. I did actually try Yasmin this summer for 4 days and immediately got off and not only experienced worse acne but also migraines. So why ortho cyclen? Well the brief amount of time I took it my chest acne cleared up almost immediately. The skin on my face aside from the cysts that formed was super soft and smooth. And when I came off of it not only did I not get anymore cysts my skin on my face got much clearer and my chest actually stayed clear until I tried to mess around with Yasmin. Weird stuff lol. So here I am about to start Ortho again and the whole purpose of me doing this is to hopefully get support to get through this initial breakout period. And to commit myself to sticking to regimen and maintain a positive attitude which is hard because acne makes me super depressed. Hopefully this will be a way for me to track my success and help out others going through something similar to me. Will start Ortho soon and have started Metformin 500mg. Wish me luck guys will keep this updated! Thanks
  4. Inositol Log! Starting Something New

    I have a question I also struggle with pcos and my Endo actually prescribed me Metformin. Have you ever tried it out I think it works similar to Inositol in that it helps regulate insulin issues lowering free t in that manner. Anyways good luck to you