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  1. Today it was sunny and I realised how much I recovered from floaters. I found this pic, this is how my vision was, even worse. Now they are gone. Second goal is tinnitus and ED
  2. Ok, now it has been 6 months since I started gym. The best thing ever. I encourage everybody start moving. Just do it! But: No matter hard I try, no matter I go every other day to gym, or everday, or sleep or nutrition.. I can not get in shape! Nobody believes me that I go to gym. I think the androgen insensitivity theory fits to me. I checked my hormonal panel many times, levels are within ranges but on the low side. I tried tamoxifen (only a couple of pills cause I am scared) , tribulus tettretis, zinc, NO boosters, they wont help. This is my body shape still after 6 months: And this is my case, especialy two boxes on the bottom..