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  1. 3 years passed since my last pill. I took 40mg/day for two months in 2014 Jan/Feb. Stopped after I realised that I could not achieve an erection. Other symptoms started after I stopped Accutane. This is the list of my problems since: -ED: Still no connection between penis and brain. I can not move it in flaccid, it is just attached to my body. I do have morning woods, sometimes hard rock, sometimes weak. The top of my penis is not full, the blood can not circulate till top when erected also in flaccid state. There is a small dent in penis muscle at the bottom (between testicles and penis area) in flaccid, dissappears when erected. I dont have prostate tingle feeling. I dont have libido. The flaccid state get worse after urinate or shit, used to be the opposite. There are some times where I get horny or flaccid state gets bigger but does not last long, The changes are so rapid, overall ED status changes in hours. - Tinnitus: still there, biggest concern after ED. - Vision problems: floaters are gone by 95%. But I am still night blinded and have some visual snow and double vision. - Tremors: Gone - Weak urine: still there sometimes. Definitely the prostate is involved in all this.- Hair: I lost lots of hair. But the thickness improved somehow after 3 years. I can say I dont have menopause hair anymore. - Dry eyes, nose, mouth: I never had these.- Panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal state: Gone- Energy: Better, just as pre accutane.- Flexibility: Improved, %80Overall I am Ok but I miss my old me. I feel old and expired. A man who can not perform. This is sad.