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  1. Dear Lucas, please show me! I have seen nobody who developed the same exact effect who have never taken medication. All in one, in a short period of time. impotence penile shrinkage/ dry, disconnected, dead penis tinnitus dark blindness/light sensitivity/double vision tremor hair loss/dry hair/thin hair muscle twitching panic attacks, suicidal state depression fatigue, physicaly feel old It is so obvious that I had a serious adverse reaction to this drug. It is not a side effect, it is a damage I am talking about. It is poisoning.  
  2. There are groups of propecia sufferes (, ssri sufferers (, accutane sufferers (here and allthingsmale forum). They all took medications and have similar problems. Could you please share any forum or source where people get together due to similar symptoms, who never touched medication? 
  3. Before using SERMs please know what it is, what PTC is and side effects.  Start with reading this  
  4. Have you tried water fasting? I myself had little brain fog and panic attacks after accutane and after 3 days water fasting they were gone..