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  1. 2 years passed since my last pill. I took 40mg/day for two months in 2014 Jan/Feb.. This is the list of my problems: -ED: Still no connection between penis and brain. Improved maybe %40 where I can achieve an erection but sensation got worse. I used to be very horny, now I am half the man I used to be (good song btw). My flaccid state is horrible. My orgasms got worse where I dont feel anything during ejaculation. - Tinnitus: still there - Vision problems: floaters are gone by 90%. But I am still night blinded and have some visual snow and double vision. Not a big deal, can live with these. - Tremors: gone by 99% - Weak urine: still bothering me but ok. - Hair: still thin and dry and I lost lots of hair, but I am still not bald and it stopped. - Dry eyes, nose, mouth: I never had these, it is interesting that some sympthoms are not the same. - Panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal state: gone, I feel depressed sometimes but mental I am pre-accutane - Energy: Better %70 - Flexibility: I feel like an old man, I dont prefer to yawn. It hurts. But improved %40 - Stomach: my new problem, reflux and gastrit started 6-7 months ago. Overall I am Ok. Soon I will start gym, I feel I can do it : ) But my biggest problem is the absence of libido. I just dont have it. When I see an attractive woman, i know that she is hot but I don't feel it. I want to feel like a man again. I think I will try Clomid and see if it works.