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  1. 17

    So a lot has changed since yesterday! I developed a really nasty looking rash over night and I must have itched it in my sleep so i woke up to raw skin where spots must have been... The rash has developed over today and gotten really sore, especially in the corners of my mouth where its now getting blisters I don't really know what to do because I never experienced anything like this with the two previous courses of accutane that I've been on. I don't mind if this is something that will eventually go but because I've never experienced this before it's making me worried..
  2. 16

    So I took my 8th pill tonight with dinner tonight, I probably should have mentioned that I've been taking my Accutane with a cod liver oil capsule. I don't really know why or if it has any effects but thats just what I'm doing ha! I always find my skin looks much worse in the evening compared to when I wake up in the morning, maybe because my skin has had a chance to repair and renew over night? That being said, it is starting to look better over all! I've definitely found in the past couple days that my lips have gotten really dry, not un manageable but I can rub dead skin off them and have to reapply Aquaphor every hour or so, I did this pre Accutane any way so it's not a big deal for me. My face isn't feeling anymore dry than normal at the minute, definitely a lot less greasy! I looked back on old blog posts from when I was previously on Accutane and I apparently loved the Eucerin replenishing night cream with 5% urea so I've been applying that in the day and night now which is keeping dry skin at bay! In terms of acne, I'm still getting new spots around my chin and on my temples but nothing major. My forehead was pretty covered in closed comedones prior to accutane, it was my main reason for going back on Accutane. The closed comedones on my forehead seem to be drying up and flaking away but I've only noticed it happening today so it's not enough to make a difference to the texture of my forehead at this stage but it's nice to see something positive happening. Hoping that things will start to change in this second week because I'm hoping to be clear by Christmas and thats just 2 weeks away - come on Accutane!
  3. 15!

    Day 5! It's hard to say which day I actually started taking accutane as I actually bought accutane online and it arrive on Tuesday the 29th so I took one of those then, but officially took the accutane my derm provided on Wednesday the 30th. I've also been trying to use up the online accutane up so I've been taking one of those in the morning and then my actual accutane prescription in the evening. So I guess I'm double dosing and taking 40mg, but the reviews of the online accutane say its quite under dosed so idk. In regards to my skin, I haven't seen many/if any side effects. My skin is less oily, especially down my nose and chin, although my forehead is still quite oily - where the bulk of my acne is. I'm yet to get dry skin and lips and theres been no real reduction in terms of acne. The spot I had next to my mouth is subsiding, I've been slathering it in Aquaphor which has helped heal the skin under the scab that formed, and its helped to soften the scab which rolled away this morning LOL I love when that happens. The one thing I am noticing at the minute is when I when I get out the shower my face stays red for a good hour afterwards and feels really hot! I remember having this from the last two times I was on accutane, I used to also get really bad hot flushed! Will update again in a couple of days, hopefully I'll start to see more side effects soon. Looking at my blog from the last time I was on accutane, the majority of side effects came in the second week, only 9 days away!
  4. 14!

    Day 3! The beastly spot is starting to scab over - I'm piling Aquaphor on which seems to help, still looks vile though ha! I feel like I'm having an IB at the minute, not a crazy one but my skin is definitely worse than normal and in places I wasn't breaking out before. It's weird because the 2 previous times that I've used Roaccutane I never had an IB this quick/one at all! I guess the sooner it comes the sooner it goes away. I'd love to be totally clear by Christmas which is in 23 days... fingers crossed! As far as side affects go, I'm not experiencing anything at the moment, I thought I was starting to get dry skin around my nose but I think thats a result of overly blowing my nose the past 2 days. I imagine they will start either tomorrow or the next day. Im going to London today with my husband to Duck and Waffle, I'm not going to wear make up because I sometimes thing that covering acne makes it appear worse, so I'm embracing the natural look. And I'm just going to leave this here as a reminder to my future self: Don't pick your face!!!!
  5. Number 13

    Day two of Roaccutane! No side affects or anything yet BUT I stupidly picked a huge spot next to my mouth. I'm so annoyed at myself, it's been there for days and I've just left it but today I was talking to someone and they kept looking at and so i went home and picked the LIFE out of it. It's pulled all the skin off and looks like a graze hahah ew. If I don't laugh I'll cry, I just need to remember that this will all be over in a few weeks!
  6. Number 12

    Well today was my derm appointment! I had to walk there as my dad had the car, it took around 30 mins but it was nice to get out. I got to mcindoe half an hour early so I had a coffee and started to get so anxious and sweaty hands ugh! The appointment went really well, he said my skin wasn't awful but with my job as a beautician he could see that it wasn't ideal, as my job requires me to 'look good'! He he didn't even ask me and just said 'I'm putting you back on roaccutane as you reacted so well wrote'! So I'm picking it up tonorrrow from Waitrose and that will be me for 2 months! I have to see him at the 2 month mark for a check up and then he will give me the remaining 4 months. I'm weirdly excited to be back on it hah! I will try to keep this updated as much as possible, mainly for my benefit, should I need to go for a 4th under further down the line!
  7. Number 11

    My dermatologist appointment is tomorrow! I'm so excited but really apprehensive too! There was a point last week when i considered cancelling the appointment - my skin was looking quite clear, but thank god I didn't because today it's looking pretty bad! It's probably a good thing that it looks bad because then there's more chance of him putting me on Roaccutane again. I also bought a bottle of Accutane pills online last week (save the preaching!) because I was just in despair about what to do. I have a feeling I won't need to use them if tomorrow goes well... I hate that my skin rules me like this, its really affecting my mood and I don't feel like socialising which is a shame because it's nearly Christmas and theres lots of fun stuff to do this time of year. I'm finding that I look really pale too and my under eye circles are really dark, I don't know if this is all a result of being stressed about my skin? UGH so annoying, I just want to look and feel normal again! Anyway, I will update tomorrow after my dermatologist appointment!
  8. Number 10

    I called the dermatologist this morning and have booked an appointed for next Tuesday, it's over a week away but I'm just pleased to have got an appointment, I now have something to work towards! I feel quite apprehensive about the appointment though, ideally he would just allow me to go on accutane with no questions asked... I suppose you never know unless you ask! And I just KNOW I'll be having a 'good' day when I see him and my skin wont look that bad! I've tried most things available over the years and accutane is the only thing that has cleared me so I think that works in my favour, also the fact that I've been on Tretinoin for the past 4 months with no improvement. It's funny because I never even used Tretinoin for acne initially, my skin was really good! I was primarily using it for anti agin purposes, and now look at me - breaking out daily and paying £150 for dermatologist appointments! I think one of the most frustrating things about all this though is being unable to talk to other people about how I'm feeling. People don't understand that I don't want to try and cover my acne with make up, that I don't want to plan to go out incase I have a bad breakout, that I don't want to go out fullstop! It's difficult to understand when you haven't previously had acne before, people think you're being 'dramatic' and that it's 'not even that bad'. It can feel very isolating. Thats why I find writing these blogs so helpful, it's an outlet and a place to talk to people going through similar things!
  9. 2 years on!

    Can't believe it's been over 2 years since I posted here! Im not sure why I stopped, I think my skin gradually got better and better from the accutane that I saw no point in posting as there wasn't much progress! I didn't think I'd be in this position again but I'm back to the same place I was in in my first entry. I'm breaking out again in a similar way! The reasons are diferent this time and I feel very much to blame! 6 months ago I got married, prior to my wedding I decided it would be a good idea to get some sunbeds so I had a nice tan for the day! All was good, I had pretty perfect skin, I was following a very plain skincare regimen. We went away on our honeymoon and I was feeling with the guilt of all the sun damage I would have imposed on my skin. So I go onto reddit, research reversing the effects of sun damage, and off I go with a list of products to the local pharmacy. Now most people will be familiar with the fact that you can get so many products abroad with out a prescription that would require a prescription in the U.K. The very helpful lady at the pharmacy recommends I get some 0.05 Tretinoin cream and apply this for however long etc etc. I'm so bloody excited at this point, I'm thinking I'm going to reverse all this sun damage, get rid of wrinkles, I'm basically going to look like a China doll and I'm 100% down for that. Fast forward a few weeks and im looking far from a China doll, my laughter lines are deep, my face is flaking like you wouldnt believe and I was breaking out left right and centre! I played around with applying it every other night, 3x week, buffering with moisturiser but to no avail. I was lol holding out hope! I hit the 4 month mark and i just couldn't bare it any longer. I chucked the Tretinoin away reverted back to a simple regimen. I thought my skin would go back to normal but still breaking out, oily, dry and just generally gross. I'm so over this now. I'm considering calling and paying for a private derm, probably the same guy as before, to help me out. I think if I did book an appointment I would just ask to go on a low dose of accutane again... for the third time!