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  1. 30!

    I always think it's bad luck writing these posts, because every time I seem to write one, I end up with pimples haha! After my last one I started to get a few on my nose and in-between my eyebrows and then some started to appear around my laughter lines. The weren't big ones and they didn't linger for long but still. Anyway I currently have none and my skin looks really good. I've really noticed the difference in my skin when I don't and do drink water. My water intake has been really awful the past couple of weeks and so my skin hasn't looked good. Now that I've upped my water in take my skin looks really nice and glowy. I have no idea if there is any correlation between period pains and Roaccutane but since taking this course, my period pains have been hellish, as in passing out, being pale as anything, sweating buckets and in a ridiculous amount of pain. I've always had awful periods but for the past 4 months the pain has been unreal! I'll be interested to see if it carries on this way after my course is finished. I'm still using my Nobles Zinc soap to wash my face and Eucerin skin replenishing night cream which seems to work for me! I also haven't experienced much in the way of side effects, apart from the usual dry lips. I have bouts of eczema on my arms but thats easily managed with e45 body lotion!
  2. 29

    Oops its been over a month since my last post, I've been really busy with work though and just haven't got round to doing this. Since my last post Ive been to see the dermatologist again, he agreed that I wasn't clearing as quickly as before and said that I may need to extend my course by a couple of months, especially as I don't seem to be having too many is effects. He said he wants me to have 1 month spot free before I finish the course! Anyway, that was about 2 weeks ago, since then my skin has cleared LOADS I literally have no pimples what so ever, maybe a tiny bit of PIH but its literally nothing. I did have a 4/5 days of incredibly itchy legs and arms, to point where I would wake myself up by itching them. I was having to moisturise constantly, including getting up in the night to moisturise because it was the only thing that would subside the itching. Theres not much more to report on, if things carry on this way then I doubt my course will have to be extended!