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  1. Feeling Really Bad And Ugly...

    I was specifically referring to that...
  2. Feeling Really Bad And Ugly...

    Hey ! I wonder how you were able to achieve great results with one subcision procedure? I tried once with diabetic needles (32g) and it really did not make much difference. Could you please tell your method? Thank you and congrats!
  3. acne scars with pictures

    thanks tretionin! but i feel like pictures don't really depict them accurately.i feel like they are much worse in real life if you know what I mean.
  4. acne scars with pictures

    Hi guys ! I am attaching pictures of my cheeks.Could you please give me your honest opinion of the severity of my acne scars and treatment options. I am planning to do subsicion this winter but I am not sure whether it will work,since my scars seem to be untethered (the completely disappear when i pull my skin slightly.)Pictures are taken under harsh direct lighting to give an accurate picture of how deep they are. Thank you!