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  1. Hi! So here is the video for the first time I did TCA, the video isn't that detailed and my skin didn't change much but just wanted to document my experience plus I haven't been posting much so I wanted to. I have done it twice and waiting for my third time. I'll make another video if I actually see a huge difference in the future and I'll try to take better pictures or videos bc I know you can hardly see in this one -__- Goodnight guys!
  2. Hi guys so an update on the TCA: I did it two times! The first time was barely noticeable, the second i put two layers instead of one and I actually saw a TINYYYY bit of improvement (scar looks more shallow), not crazy but enough to inspire me to do at least 1 more and one more layer (3 layers in total) and then see if I keep going from there. I did only ONE scar. I made a video but I am waiting to put it up after the 3rd time because there isn't really a huge difference. My skin does keep getting better each day though, mainly trying to eat very healthy with good fats for my skin to heal properly! Eating right is definitely the key. So I will post the video after the 3rd unless I randomly have time this week after work to edit and post the one I already did and then do the 3rd later on. hope you guys are doing well!