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  1. Scar improvement!

    Hey guys so I made a double thread on this by accident...Here is the link, I will be using the other one instead so I won't have two! I posted the new videos and I'll post any future ones here as well: I posted three new videos and will post new one next week! hope you guys are having a great day xoxox
  2. new video up!
  3. I answered you but forgot to quote you! ^^^
  4. I can't explain everything here by typing but I'll list the most important things: What I did: 1. Get rid of chronic inflammation (this caused my cystic acne) 2. Reduce parasites and pathogens in body 3. Detox heavy metals How? 1. Distilled water - Distilled water (goes through the same process as rain water does - evaporating and condensing) This means distilled water does not have any heavy metals, pathogens or chemicals in it bc when it is turned into vapor these things get left behind. Distilled water is soft water spring water/tap water is hard water why is it hard water? bc it has inorganic material like arsenic, fluoride, lead, mercury, etc. ***The picture in the video showed the brown gunk left after distilling water for three weeks... even though all water looks clear it is not! All that stuff is going into your body when you drink it. The pictures showed what is left over after only three weeks...we drink this basically all our lives! Chemicals & heavy metals stay in your blood and this "dirty water" makes it difficult for our body to work in top condition. Soft water in the other hand helps because it is "clear water" and it flushes out toxins. Distilled water: h2o ONLY Other waters: h2o + inorganic material/metals (even purified water sometimes still has things like fluoride) Only thing is to make sure to get minerals from other sources such as food because distilled water doesn't have any... but I rather do this than drink heavy metals ANY day. 2. Anti inflammatory foods: ginger, turmeric and CBD oil (hemp extract) helped me get rid of my chronic inflammation. I got rid of my cystic acne this way. 3. probiotics: I got mine from raw dairy (raw yogurt, raw kefir) I only drank goat milk because it is easily digested Billions of probiotics are found in raw dairy fat soluble vitamins in dairy help our body in many ways (especially retinol) Vitamin A in plant foods needs to be converted into retinol Vitamin A in dairy comes in the form of retinol which is bioavailable and easily used by the body Also rich in amino acids Make sure your raw dairy is clean AND grass fed! Do not eat pasteurized dairy! pasteurized = extreme heat Extreme heat damages all amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and kills all probiotics. Pasteurized milk can cause acne because it also has antibiotics and hormones. The only way to drink pasteurized milk is to find organic milk with no hormones AND turn it into kefir... kefir supplies milk with enzymes and probiotics and you can buy kefir grains anywhere online for like $5. *Amino acids & the correct fatty acids (& fats) are very important for your collagen levels to improve* 4. clean animal foods (grass fed only): find meats without antibiotics, hormones, steroids, etc Grass fed is better because it has higher omega 3 than 6 (Omega 6 contributes to inflammation and acne) Grain fed animals have higher omega 6 and are kept in unsanitary places therefore needing an antibiotics antibiotics, hormones, steroids can cause an imbalance in our adrenals (omega 3:6 ratio is important for acne!) plant based foods are important also (fruits and veggies) but I didn't go over those because we all already know those are good for us. Just make sure you're getting those too. I avoid all junk food, corn syrup, candy, etc. There is more but I'm not sure what you didn't understand so lmk if I can help in any way! I will keep making videos to share my progress, I hope to get rid of my scars completely.
  5. new videos up part 1: part 2:
  6. I know my scars aren't gone completely (I still have lots of work to do!) and most people might not believe that they got better by eating healthy but I'm not trying to convince anyone, I just want to share what I've experienced... some people might not like it but that's okay. I waited all day to make that video especially because I know skin is better in the morning and really bad after a full day of work. This is after work at 5:30pm & all pictures are also taken late. I didn't use any makeup or photoshop and I don't get any benefit fooling anyone. Also I don't read magazines - everything that I did I educated myself on. I researched, read books, found studies and articles in order to better my skin. I enjoy learning how my body works from the inside. I'm sure most of us here do all this but I'm not your "typical girl" that reads magazines and buys into BS that doesn't work. I don't even consider those watermelon smoothies (yes in my other video) even remotely close to eating healthy, I did that video 1 year ago for fun to start a channel. I visit a farm by my house weekly to buy my food and learn from the farmers too. I've asked them many questions and they've taught me a lot of what I know today, especially about animal products. Foods I eat daily are those with powerful fat soluble vitamins and good fats (which are two of the things our skin needs to be healthy) for example raw grass fed goat milk. I make my own yogurt, kefir, raw butter... etc ( all devoid of antibiotics, hormones, etc) This is just one thing but most of the things I eat to heal my skin aren't fruits and veggies but those with good fats, retinol (vitamin A in the form retinol is only found in animal products so i try and get it here), vitamin k2 and the right fatty acids (like omega 3/CLA). Of course raw dairy also helps with probiotics, increases our glutathione (one of the most powerful antioxidant that protects our body) and supplies us amino acids. At first I was working to reduce inflammation, reduce pathogens in my body and improve my immunity but thankfully I have seen improvements in my collagen levels as well. The reason i made that video is not to tease anyone, I made it that way because I want to go in detail. My skin didn't change over night. There is so much to know about our body and I can't rush it in one video but I'm not trying to sell any product, I'm trying to show people that our body is powerful and can change if you educate yourself on it. Most of the videos i want to make are not even to get rid of scars, mostly my goal is to help people get rid of their acne. My skin improved while i was doing just that. There's studies on how genes are impacted by our foods and so if foods affect gene expression then I do believe eating healthy helped my body heal itself and yes even improved my skin to the point that i can't believe how much better it looks... the only thing that it DID take was time and commitment. AND Yes I said masks (I only used one mask consistently to be exact and needled maybe 2 or 3 times the whole time) & that's because i want to include what i did topically although it is not my main focus at all. I understand your skepticism but sometimes you have to keep an open mind, there's a lot of things that we don't know about our own body. I made these changes in my diet for a reason and I trust them 100% because i didn't see a difference until i stuck with them.
  7. yes! I'm doing a new video soon... I'm traveling but will be back home soon. I'll make it then! thank you, means a lot !!!
  8. yes i know it's all over the place, I'll try to stay on track on future videos! thank you! ...This experience has been kinda everywhere though I didn't do a "treatment" as in laser, peels or fillers... I'll try and make the next video ASAP. I've been busy but I'll make time to explain very soon!
  9. I made this video on youtube so I can give hope to anyone who is suffering with scars. I'll try and make more videos to show what I did to my skin soon!
  10. Scar improvement!

    Hello everyone! I've had some scar improvement so I wanted to post my pictures and also post a video I made this video on youtube so I can give hope to anyone who is suffering with scars. I'll try and post back here but mostly I will just be doing more videos on youtube to continue sharing my progress and get rid of my scars completely. that's my goal. I also want to say that my scars were REALLY bad - the "before" picture on this doesn't even compare to how it was at the beginning when I was too embarrassed to take pictures. So the "before" picture is really somewhere in the middle of my progress and then the after is now which still needs a bit of work but it definitely has improved. So my updates will be through videos on youtube, if anyone wants to keep up with my skin progress! It is easier to share through videos than in a thread because threads can get very long and repetitive with comments. I will be posting videos in the future sharing what i did, this video for now is just to show my skin. <3