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  1. yes! I'm doing a new video soon... I'm traveling but will be back home at the end of next week. I'll make it then! thank you, means a lot !!!
  2. yes i know it's all over the place, I'll try to stay on track on future videos! thank you! ...This experience has been kinda everywhere though I didn't do a "treatment" as in laser, peels or fillers... I'll try and make the next video ASAP. I've been busy but I'll make time to explain very soon!
  3. I made this video on youtube so I can give hope to anyone who is suffering with scars. I'll try and make more videos to show what I did to my skin soon!
  4. Scar improvement!

    Hello everyone! I've had some scar improvement so I wanted to post my pictures and also post a video I made this video on youtube so I can give hope to anyone who is suffering with scars. I'll try and post back here but mostly I will just be doing more videos on youtube to continue sharing my progress and get rid of my scars completely. that's my goal. I also want to say that my scars were REALLY bad - the "before" picture on this doesn't even compare to how it was at the beginning when I was too embarrassed to take pictures. So the "before" picture is really somewhere in the middle of my progress and then the after is now which still needs a bit of work but it definitely has improved. So my updates will be through videos on youtube, if anyone wants to keep up with my skin progress! It is easier to share through videos than in a thread because threads can get very long and repetitive with comments. I will be posting videos in the future sharing what i did, this video for now is just to show my skin. <3