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  1. yeah but i think of it as temporary... i want to heal this for good. the only way that can be is if i heal my gut. it might not be a gut problem for everyone with acne but for me it was. i need to do this healing and commit. my whole life i ate badly till now. they weren't normal breakouts they were really intense and i don't want to go through that again. i will give up junk food for my skin and health any day... because breakouts mean that your body is trying to tell you something. i just want to be able to be myself and share my thoughts with the ones i love so i don't have to avoid them bc this is matters to me. :)
  2. that is a good idea :))) i will try that! the only thing that i will still have problems with is going on trips and such... my BF wanted to stay at his mom's house for mothers day this wknd (she lives by the beach ) BUT his mom always cooks EVERYTHING i can't eat (lots of poor quality meats also). I feel SO rude saying no or bringing my food instead so maybe i might as well not go - which again sucks. I guess sometimes we just have to give up and sacrifice some stuff but idk which of the two to sacrifice my health or going for the weekend having fun. Same goes for going on vacation anywhere.
  3. I used to say I'm allergic (i count breaking out as allergic anyway LOL!) but that means I would have to be allergic to almost everything under the sun but if you see the GOOD side of this is that we learned not to eat junk Yeah salads would work but most restaurants don't even have organic leafy greens. So that means pesticides... but it would be the best option. last time i went to visit my boyfriend i found a farm next to his house so i bought a bunch and took it to his house <3 but that rarely happens.
  4. So this is a random question but I feel like my acne left me with a lot of emotional problems. First of all when I had acne (now i only have some scarring left) I was always anxious to be in bad lighting and stuff like that. So i guess after so much constant worrying i still feel social anxiety bc it was so common to me before that it hasn't gone away even if the original problem is gone. Is there any way to get rid of this other than seeing a doctor? because I don't want any anxiety pills AT ALL, i dont need them but everytime i feel anxious and try to calm my self it just doesn't do anything. I just still feel the same feeling sometimes of worrying when I am in public even though the acne is gone. I never had this before acne btw so i know i have anxiety because of it. It's kind of engraved in me now. Another question... what is an effective way to help people around you especially loved ones understand your lifestyle and diet? After getting rid of my acne I am SO strict with my diet because I know that little changes here and there or eating junk causes breakouts for me EVERY TIME and I will do anything to prevent any kind of break out!!! & I am 100% successful when i stick to my diet. So i still stick to the diet that got rid of it because I know it works for me. I barely eat at restaurants because 99% of restaurants out there have no options for me and or use the worst ingredients. I am not kidding when i say that any little thing not in my "diet" causes problems for me not only in skin but digestion. Sometimes i think its extreme but symptoms do not lie. So... I also get anxiety when my friends or family invite me to dinner or TRAVELING because there is almost ZERO foods that I can practically eat unless i take my own. How do i live with out seeming wierd to them that i either have to take my own food (which is crazy to them) or not go at all - which sucks. Things i can eat: (I go to a nearby farm to get these!!!) RAW milk, raw yogurt/kefir, raw butter, grass fed meats ONLY, SOME organic fruits and SOME veggies... that's practically it. Anything outside of this and my digestion goes crazy. Idk why I'm overly sensitive but it took my a long time to listen to my body and I need to put it first. this might not be forever but it is for now. I just don't know what to do because avoiding every trip and dinner isnt going to help me just isolate me. I want to find a way to help others understand me because i feel stuck. I want to keep sticking to my diet because I know it is healing me little by little. I'm getting lots of probiotics and nutrients this way because all the farm products don't have any hormones and have tons of beneficial bacteria. the meats are also high in omega 3's unlike commercial meat loaded with who knows what. there is no restaurants serving fresh farm food almost anywhere sadly :((( but i feel like if i eat even a bit of pasta, bread, bad oils or even legumes my hard work is greatly diminished instead of helping my progress. i want to stick to this LONG TERM. HELP PLSSS! I guess it just really matters to me bc it took so long for me to finally figure this out. cleaning my body has been a mission and people don't understand how it feels to just breakout from anything i put in my mouth so i need to help them understand, just don't know HOW.
  5. Raw Dairy

    I ONLY drink raw milk because pasteurized breaks me out. The reason is... Raw milk comes from cows that are outside in the sun and are fed ONLY grass or hay. The sun and the grass GIVE the cows the right nutrients for them to be healthy. Since the cows have more nutrients and beneficial bacteria there is no need to pasteurize (which is to kill the bacteria by heating it to extreme temperatures). These cows are not kept inside or fed corn or given any antibiotics. They are healthy and then that means that their milk is healthy. Raw milk helps me keep a healthy gut flora because it has probiotics, many people even make kefir from raw milk. Kefir is a bit like yogurt because it supplies the body with millions of probiotics which help you fight off bad bacteria/pathogens which cause acne. It also helps your body kill parasites and build a healthy immune system. Raw milk also has SO MUCH MORE vitamins and minerals since it isn't heated. Heat destroys vitamins. Raw milk has: vitamin A, B, C, D AND K Pasteurized milk is milk that has been heated because the cows might have pathogens. Usually these cows are kept inside and fed random food which is NOT grass and therefore cows can develop tumors, cancer and other diseases. They heat up the milk to kill the bacteria so you are basically drinking dead milk (no probiotics) it also barely has vitamins because of this reason! If you read the label of store bought milk it almost always says added vitamin A and D because since they have heated it up they destroyed most of the vitamins in the milk naturally. Either way cows that barely get to see sunlight won't have much vitamin A and D anyway but anything left will be gone after pasteurization. ALL this increases inflammation as well because your body has to supply a lot of enzymes to break down this dead substance (Unlike raw milk which has it's OWN enzymes in it already). So I just simply avoid any dairy that is not raw. Good luck <3

    Hey everyone!
  7. Raw Dairy

    I drink raw dairy every day. one to three cups daily (I used to have wayyyyy more but I lowered my intake) and no break outs either. I try to get mostly goat because it is easier to digest than cow. Camel and sheep is also easily digested but more expensive. I also eat raw butter and no break outs I am not sure about raw cheese bc I barely have it.