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  1. rick911 added a post in a topic Scars (On Accutane) Are Getting Really Bad   

    I don't know what would happen if we stop taking accutane before the end?! I mean, if we don't break out anymore.. They have to give us a total dosage based on our weight. I'm on 80 mg/day and yes my skin is sensitive, maybe not as much as yours But a microdermabrasion is gentle so my skin can handle it very well. Have you tried retin-a? I might just try that
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  2. rick911 added a post in a topic Scars (On Accutane) Are Getting Really Bad   

    My acne started a year ago. I swear I had baby skin before. It went from zits to cysts, I had TONS of them. I have severe acne since then, both on my cheeks . I've tried everything I swear haha. Doctor put me on accutane this september and the course ends in January. Now I'm pretty much *zit* free but I have tons of redmarks and scars. I'll keep having microdermabrasion from time to time to see if it has any effects on my skin. I also use vaseline haha Your skin is not that bad at all!! Plus you're a beautiful girl so nobody will even care about it trust me. It's in your head
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  3. rick911 added a post in a topic Scars (On Accutane) Are Getting Really Bad   

    Hi! I just want to let you know that we have the EXACT similar scars. I swear my cheeks are the same as yours or even a little worse and I don't know why!! I didn't pop any zits/cysts and I still get scars?! I've done a microdermabrasion a week ago while on accutane. It haven't done much... If you find anything good for your scars let me know Btw, you look like a real CUTTIE!
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  4. rick911 added a post in a topic Feeling Down About Your Acne? Take A Look At This!   

    Amazing post!
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  5. rick911 added a post in a topic Acne On Cheeks?   

    I have pretty much the same problem my friend.. I know it sucks and I guess we have to deal with it for a couple of weeks. Dark spots usually take forever to disappear so we have to wait. I'm almost only breaking out on cheeks with severe cystic acne :S I'm using epiduo and I've noticed a little difference, there seems to have less cyst but they appear more on the surface of my skin and it leaves some good red marks -.- Good luck!
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