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  1. Low progesterone causing acne??

    It is most likely the higher testosterone (and not the low progesterone) that is causing acne.

    I have been using a compound for a few years that contains salicylic acid as well. It keeps the flaring of acne down, but I too have developed a number of under the skin white heads and bumps from left over acne that never came to head. Are an of your whiteheads active? Or are these all old marks?
  3. Hi, I am back for an update. I did not use any oral medications. I am still using this compound from a pharmacy. They will mix it up but you need a prescription. On the plus side - the number of breakouts are staying very low - never more than 1 or 2 at a time and I only get them maybe every other month .They tend to dry very quickly if I apply the compound. On the minus side , one thing that is different now is that the acne don't usually come to head. So I am left with a number of under the surface bumps, which are dark due to hyperpigmentation. The under the surface bumps stick around for a very long time. I am trying different moisturizers and makeup options now to see if that helps any. I will say again - DO NOT to use the pimple poppers. I have ruined my skin surface due to using them and I have been told the scars will never really go away - so please learn from this and throw away those things