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  1. Got Subcision (Before / After Pics)

    pic updates with low-quality phone camera, as you can see the scars are faint when relaxed compared to smiling, but still much less prominent and more shallow compared to before subcision I think my scars have even improved since a few years ago, they're barely noticeable now >.< I still continue to take youtheory collagen on a daily basis
  2. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    Just logged in to say that I also had a terrible experience with laser treatment, specifically Fraxel Repair. I had it done on both entire sides of my face and it made almost no difference to the scars but gave my skin a very dry, orange-peel texture that turns red easily and doesn't deal well with sunlight. It's been about 5 years since then but it's improved a ton since that first year, I think applying rosehip oil everyday religiously made a big difference. One round of subcision however with no fillers made a massive difference to my scarring, even though many doctors like to claim it's "outdated" because laser is so much easier and marketable. If you have sensitive skin I recommend you stay far away from lasers, the only scarring I think it could improve is very shallow superficial scarring.