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  1. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About three years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break out and start the process all over again. I eat a really, really restrictive diet. No grains of any kind, no dairy, caffeine, eggs, nuts, sugars, potatoes, or high GI foods. I drink a ton of water and keep my carbs down, nothing to cause acne here. So here's my question: What else can I be doing? because the regimen on its own isn't doing enough for me. If i'm going to shell out money every month for face products and a crazy diet, I want results. Current Regimen: - Ceve Hydrating face wash - 2% BHA (started this a month ago, unure if it does anything for me yet) - BP - Ceve face lotion - Redness reducing creme (day) Jojoba oil (night). Type of acne: - Hormonal, I'm an 18 year old male. Enough said. - Lots and LOTS of clogged pores. Squeeze just about anywhere on my skin and a pile of sebum will pop out (gross, I know). Open to all suggestions. From getting a prescription to the crazy trick that worked for you -- I need some ideas because I'm tired of acne.
  2. Acne starting to come back :(

    Wish I could help. 3yr regimen user here. Over time it lost its 'powers' to me. I break out much more frequently now, it sucks -- still not anything better out there though.