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  1. I'm a 24 Male, hadn't eaten right all through high school, skipped meals started smoking at 15 full time...Been dealing with acne for about 4-years now, started off minor as small whiteheads, not too bad and over the years got worse and worse, started to calm down last year times, When i say calm down i mean no cystic acne, but slight inflammation on chin and reder nose and cheeks...constant. as well as dandruff on chin and beard all time when i grow it out. I though it was just smoking, so when i quite at 19 i thought that would be enough.However, It's still big problem for me. Its effected me in ways as to where i may be going ocd on certain diets and regimens, ironically, which might be doing negative effects rather than positive on my skin and health, I realized that recently that acne is down to your organs and internal health and workings, good skin comes from all your parts working properly, don't ask my why i didn't put 2and2 together then. Unfortunately i fell for smoking again last year, (just to add most of my smoking career was cigs and vast amount of weed. Anyways, i started again last November and managed for a couple of months with no major skin problems, until June times when I was forced to quit and seriously rethink my mindset as my skin was breaking out ridiculously again all over... i noticed, as i was breaking out my gut was playing up, extreme hunger feelings, all the time and my kidneys & spleen i think aches quite a lot. My digestion is bad, slow and i have to sort of force myself to poo. Constipation which in turn leads to my inflammation being worse. I've been to dermatologists before this and turned them down because im not taking shitty drugs when i know the answer is within. I keep seeing so man diets and info on candida, leaky gut, SIBO, TCM on kidneys and liver etc....Having had a few stool tests and nothing come back negative, I'm still not satisfied as their tests are not the comprehensive ones. Anyways...I've been racking my brains, self-diagnosing, being tortured over what foods i should shouldn't eat etc.... GAPS diet, Paleo diet all that shit, and I really need other peoples opinions, stories. I try the low carb stuff but its honestly not enough food for me, i end up being starving and feeling worse, not sleeping because i don't have all the right foods. I do think its something out with my gut, stomach and other parts kidneys liver and spleen, which I've ignored for years, by eating big bowls of curry pasta, etc...filling my food cravings and not dealt with it fully. It's now coming for November, and my forehead is generally OK and cheeks OK touch wood. My nose is always red-er and cheeks slightly red-er as well, which doesn't look good, i hope its not rosacea beginning. Also, only acne is around chin always red, and either side of chin keep getting big red cycstic ones. Also red inflammation around nose trills. Oh yea this dandruff like shit on my mustache and chin, chin hair. Wont go no matter how many years of shaving....Sorry to flood you with all this nasty story, But i need others stories etc...Peace.... Any comments, if any1s dealt with this as well.