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  1. Lisa added a post in a topic Stretch Marks   


    Would you mind posting the website for all of us to see? I am sure a lot of us would like to take a look.
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  2. Lisa added a post in a topic Type of mood your in, bad skin, spots   

    Just my opinion but why would you want to be with a girl that is so superficial? I have pushed all of the superficial people (I once knew) out of my life. I feel that anyone who is judging you for your skin should not have the opportunity to be in your life (I didn't always feel that way but I do now). Now, Even if I suddenly found an amazing "cure" for my scarring I would still look for people that were not so focused on beauty. Thanks to my scarring I am not on the superficial level I used to be.

    This is the only good thing I can say has come from having skin issues.

    Sounds like you are too good for this girl.

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  3. Lisa added a post in a topic Cost of Consultation   

    I never pay money for a consultation. Most of the derms I've been to have not been my favorite. A lot of them dont care or try to sell me something I dont want. I almost feel like I know more than them as far as scar treatments. If I were you I'd try the derms that offer free consultations to see if you can find one you feel comfortable with and can trust.
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  4. Lisa added a post in a topic Shea Butter   

    Hi again Maya,

    I am trying to get rid of ice pick scars. They arent large but I have quite a few of them. Some just look like really large pores (some larger) but are extremely hard to get rid of.

    I guess this is another gimic (the shea butter that is). The emu oil looks great from what you've been saying about it.

    Just ordered the super copper peptides from skin biology and wanted to get a free sample of the emu oil but I cant get a hold of skin biology. My e-mails are returned as undeliverable and when I call them it just goes directly to voice mail. Grrrr =)

    Thanks for all of your help. I will not be ordering the shea butter thanks to you. I am glad I was able to talk to you before I bought this and added it to the box full of rejects =)
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  5. Lisa added a post in a topic Shea Butter   

    Hey Maya,

    Thanks for responding. Have you used the shea butter?
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  6. Lisa added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Shea Butter
    I've been hearing great things about shea butter for acne scars. It's not supposed to cause break outs. Has anyone ever used this?

    I am temted to give it a try
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  7. Lisa added a post in a topic microdermabrasion cloths   

    The microdermabrasion cloth does help for scarring. Works very well. Read the directions when you get it. You can have downtime if you scrub too hard, but I love it. My scars are smothing out A LOT.
    I got mine from
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  8. Lisa added a post in a topic vitamin A supplements = Retin A results   

    OMG, I cant believe you guys are taking so much Vit A.
    I started taking 5,000IU a day and my usually calm self went crazy. After a few days of taking it I started yelling at my boyfriend for getting the wrong malt at a fast food restaurant etc.... I realized then that Vit A is not worth feeling like a crazy women.
    I am usually a calm type of person but was suddenly extremely emotional, crying all day and I had a bad temper. Needless to say I stopped taking the stuff immediately after I realized the vit A was what was causing me to act this way. Took a few days to get back to normal.
    Anyone else had anything like this happen to them?
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  9. Lisa added a post in a topic wow   

    Am I the only one who hasnt had good results with that mask? I had high hopes and it has done nothing for my zits.
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  10. Lisa added a post in a topic Fish Oil   

    How many MG are you taking and how many pills per day? Also, where did you hear that fish oil helps acne?
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  11. Lisa added a post in a topic Lay Off The Vitamins!   

    Yes, actually in my home remedies book it sayes Iodine causes breakouts
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