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    Clueless About What To Eat Anymore...
    Im a 20 years old male and started suffering from cystic acne at the age of 18. I only get them on my upper cheeks and they are extremely painful! i struggled with them for 2 yrs but in November 2013 I finally saw a dermatologist that got me on 40 mg accutane ( I weigh 139 lb ) I went through the IB twice and had terrible time coping got depressed and didn't want to leave the house. I stopped eating food and developed this phobia from food. I got conditioned Food -> Pain!
    My face lookss horrible at the moment so last week i decided to eat salad only for 3 days and my face did seem to get better but I'm an architecture student and salad didn't give me energy at all and i got really bored of the bland taste. I was still breaking out adter 3 months of accutane so I decided to change my dermatologist and see another one which after visiting her decided to up my dose to 60 mg as she thought 40 is too low and after explaining her what am going through she told me I should eat whatever I want and not be too harsh on myself as food doesn't cause acne. I am an arab, so rice and bread are main portions of our diet so wherever I go to eat there's nothing that can be eaten without those too and finding gluten free bread and substitutes is very hard ! Yesterday I finally decided to have sushi and chocolate for dessert with some friends but I'm so scared I'll break out. This is taking a toll on my life.
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