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  1. I bought this cleanser that was on sale called the Oxy Daily face wash. I didnt read it too well on the time of purchade but this cleanser contains microbeads which makes it somewhat of a semi-scrub. Is this kind of cleanser alright to use daily? Perhaps these kinds of cleansers do a better job of fading red marks? These guys also make a scrub (which is much harsher) that they recommend using 2 or 3 times a week.
  2. I just bought this face wash that was on sale called Oxy Daily face wash ("engineered for men" apparently) I didnt read it properly at the time of purchase but the face wash contains microbeads which make it a semi-scrub, yet it is labeled suitable for sensitive skin. Is this kind of face wash really alright for daily use? Perhaps this kind is better than gentle cleansers for fading post acne marks? Not too sure.