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  1. onedforever143 added a post in a topic Cetaphil Moisturizer?   

    And also, how many pumps of the Cetaphil Moisturizer (the 16 oz.) do you think would equal the two pumps of Dan's moisturizer?
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  2. onedforever143 added a post in a topic Cetaphil Moisturizer?   

    Thank you guys! Well some people say that Dan'a Moisturizer makes your skin darker? And also, are you supposed to MASSAGE the Cetaphil Moisturizer into your skin or just use it the same way you use the bp? Will it absorb on its own and not leave a white residue?
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  3. onedforever143 added a topic in The Regimen   

    Cetaphil Moisturizer?
    Hi you guys! So it's my fourth week on the Regimen and I've been using the Cetaphil Moisturizer. Can ANYONEEEE or Dan PLEASE PLEASE post a video on how to apply it gently without irritating my skin? The moisturizer is REALLY thick and it's takes me hours to get rid of the white residue that I have to GENTLY massage in. Thanks!!! and ALSO, I need your opinionsss. Do you guys think that Dan's moisturizer works better or the Cetaphil Moisturizer?
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