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  1. Procell MD vs AnteAGE MD

    Thank you so much again, I think I will give it a go since PRP is much difficult to achieve at home, I have also ordered a derminator. I will post my experience for sure.
  2. Procell MD vs AnteAGE MD

    Thank you very much for your reply. Very useful information. Procell is very expensive but they sell the MD version of the product where as AnteAGE doesn't sell MD version to consumers. If I was sure it would work I would go for it. Some online reviews/comments sound very promising. Did you see any improvement? How many needling sessions + AnteAGE did you have? What needle size did you use? Was it the MD version or consumer version? Also Did you use all three products, 1- needling solution 2- the serum and 3- accelerator? Sorry for all these questions, I am really curious about this approach since only needling is not working too well for me, according to Dr Lance Setterfield M.D needling is supposed to one of the best solutions for scarring I am beginning to think I must be doing something wrong or incomplete. Do you think it's worth buying his book by the way "The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling Expanded Medical Edition" Thank you very much again.. Also Is there a specific product you are referring to when you say "bone stem cell microneedle solution" according to anteAGE and Procell, they are also using human bone marrow stem cells (well kind of)..
  3. Procell MD vs AnteAGE MD

    Hi, I am really surprised there is no mention of needling with stemcell serums like Procell and AnteAGE anywhere on this forum. Has anyone tried these serums with derma needling? I have been reading about these serums and they sound interesting, before I order I would like to know if anyone tried any of these or if there is a better product? They are very expensive but if they really work they might be worth trying since my progress with needling and other topics is extremely slow. There is an interesting article here and read some of the comments. These companies seem to offer complete pre and post serum solutions specifically for needling. Thanks..