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  1. Frequent Microneedling - new from Dr Fernandes

    Thank you, it's really good to hear from others on these things, very helpful, I hear what you are saying about needling often and implications. I think, I am going to do two more sessions which will be 5 weeks in a row (with 0.5 and 1.0) might do only 0.5mm next week and then I am going to take a break for at least 6 weeks. In the mean time I (have been) will be using the AnteAGE MD solutions and sure I will post my experience with this product.
  2. Frequent Microneedling - new from Dr Fernandes

    Hi BA, sure needling everyday doesn't appeal to me either, it's impossible for me due to work etc anyway. I hear what you are saying and I believed this was the case until I read Dr Fernandes's posts and especially the charts (in his video above) about the TGF-B3 increase when needling is done frequently. Hence my confusion. I know most posts suggest we should wait at least 4 - 6 weeks between needling sessions when 1.5mm or even 0.5mm is used but according to Dr Fernandes if needling is done frequently the TGF-B3 increases after every session and he does this for 6 sessions. I assume he stops after this for a period of time. Here is one of his posts on ""I think as I have the world’s longest experience of skin needling and have personally done thousands of cases, I should make a comment. I have used vitamin A, C and other antioxidants right from the beginning in 1996 because my clinical studies with vitamin A and antioxidants from 1982 had shown me that vitamin A must be releasing growth factors – a detail that has only recently been proved in the laboratory. What can be more natural than using vitamin A etc on skin. Its naturally there in rich quantities provided you are not photodamaged. Since about 2007, I have used additional peptides on myself first and then on my patients skin immediately after needling. Higher up in this conversation there is an indication that I used vitamin A and C a long time ago before the huge clinical evidence had accumulated. Well, between Matthias Aust and myself I think we can rate ourselves amongst the most experienced people in the world of skin needling with thousands of cases. We have in fact largely made the clinical evidence of SAFE skin needling and I recommend our book “Percutaneous Collagen Induction” if you really want to understand needling. Virtually every case that I have needled over the past 20 years has used vitamin A and C etc immediately after needling and for a protracted period (for the rest of their lives…) after that. I have never seen a granuloma, I have never seen an allergic reaction etc etc. People just heal rapidly and get healthier skin. My “aggressive” regime is to needle the skin between 3 and 7 days interval for a six sessions. We are fortunate to be able to say that growth factor studies on humans is showing what Zeitter showed in rats: the growth factors increase as one needles more frequently. However, this will be the topic of a new report so I won’t elaborate further. I think my own face is a testament to this regime. I have had more than 70 needling treatments done between 2 to 7 days so I also talk from personal experience. In more than 5000 cases the use of Environ vitamin ACE Oil immediately after needling has proved to be safe. This fact cannot be ignored. The addition of selected matrix enhancing peptides, and hyaluronic acid helps to produce the finest results from skin needling in the world."" It also sounds like not all doctors agree with him so it's very hard to know who is actually right. On the same post Dr John invited him to discuss this on a separate thread, it would be interesting if they did. I have kind of started the frequent needling, last week I used the derminator with 0.5mm length and this week I did 1.0mm / 0.5mm combination, thinking of doing the same next week. I am also currently trying the AnteAGE MD needling solution with the serum + accelerator It would be nice to hear from others too. Steven please post your experience with frequent needling. Thanks for the link. Have you tried the Skin Actives EPG?
  3. Frequent Microneedling - new from Dr Fernandes

    Thanks for your reply, what about the video and the link above though? Isn't Dr Fernandes the most experienced guy in this field? According to the chart he was showing TGF-B3 was increasing every week he did needling? I have a very healthy diet, don't drink much, don't smoke, I exercise 3 times a week, I take the best supplements, I do vegetable juicing everyday, I am healthy in general, I heal pretty normal, so either I am not doing the needling frequent enough (once every two months in general 1.5mm, bleed a lot) or not using good topical serums. Or this is the normal progress of needling. Can't be sure really. I have recently (a week ago) started using anteAGE MD package so I was thinking may be I can combine it with the frequent needling. Once a week (I can't do more often than that).
  4. Frequent Microneedling - new from Dr Fernandes

    Hi, I have been looking for information regarding this, I watched his video before, according to Dr. Des Fernandes it's ok to needle every week or even more often if you can. Which is contradicting with all the other advice (waiting for 4 - 8 weeks at least) Have you tried it SteVen any more information about this? I am also thinking of needling every week at least (with 1.5mm) My biggest confusion is around the frequency and needle size at the moment. So many different opinions out there and my slow progress isn't helping. This is from his video "TGF beta 3 rises after needling and then rises further after a second needling if done within a 8 days and rises again after a third needling (Using 1mm rollers)" Any more thoughts advice from anyone?