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  1. Scarman added a post in a topic How I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars   

    Hi Liquid, thanks for the great post.

    I have been trying to get rid of my scars for so many months now. My progress has been very slow. I have been trying 1.5 rolling, but in the last few months I started stamping every 4 weeks. I was also doing 0.5 rolling between 1.5s. But after reading more about it evidence suggest doing 0.5 in between is not a good idea since even 0.5 needs at least 4 weeks to start producing collagen. Besides it hasn't added much improvement. Do you roll or stamp with 0.5 in between 1.5 sessions? Also I think I ll increase 1.5 frequency to 6 weeks from 4.

    Have you used Retin-A? again I am not sure its doing anything for me. I am also using copper peptides daily (mornings) Vitamin C few evenings a week not sure if they are doing anything either. Do you use or have you ever used copper peptides?

    I think the best and safest topicals for me so far have been the natural oils, such as argan, rose hip, vitamin E, they are a bit shiny but my skin feels better with them also I think they increase healing time, could be because they keep my skin moist..

    Thanks all..
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  2. Scarman added a post in a topic The Famous "single Needling"   

    Would any one recommend single needling on acne cyst scarring (slightly raised and rubbery type)?

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