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  1. rachelll1995 added a post in a topic Absorica Journey - 27F   

    good luck!!! i wish the best for you. im going through an initial breakout and it is the worst!! bumps everywhere!! but we can get through it together

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  2. rachelll1995 added a post in a topic Accutane Not Working. Please Help!   

    Hi 1346 I just started accutane too about 4-5 days ago so Im not at that 3 week mark yet but I heard it supposed to get worse before better!! You're not really suppose to see results until 2-3 months. initial breakouts are good b/c then you know its working!! clearing up all that bad stuff out of your face.
    And I totally understand about being sad and depressed...I cried myself to sleep a lot these past few months and even now I don't like looking in the mirror..but it will get better!! I have hope for the both of us Dont be sad... a lot of people are going through this. Good luck!! <33
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