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  1. Almost 3 weeks using

    From the album Regimen

    The left side shows my skin a couple weeks before starting the regimen. The right side highlights my skin after using the products for almost 3 weeks! There hasn't been a drastic difference, yet a slight improve in my skin.
  2. FINALLY started the regimen!!!

    Hello Beautiful people, LONG TIME no hear, it's been a while since I checked in with you all. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED! The last time we spoke my skin had greatly cleared from using tretinion and clindamycin face topicals. (please read previous posts for more information). Up until October 2016 I had stayed consistent with using my prescribed topical with the exception of a few months. On a couple of occasions I ran out of these products, therefore I did witness side effects. The only side effect I did notice was breakouts. my skin was breaking out in small "heat bump" like breakouts. ( I will post a picture). To help try to combat these breakout I started searching for new products that can clear my skin. Some of the products I used were: Shea Moisture, kiehls, and clean and clear. Out of all of these brands my skin cleared slightly with Clean and Clear products. I stopped use of the other brands within a couple of weeks. CURRENTLY In present day I am ONLY using Regimen products. I have consistently been using the products since October 5, 2016. It has almost been 3 weeks on the regimen and I must admit I do see a change in my skin. Within the time frame it hasn't been a drastic change, yet there has been a difference in my skin. I'm noticing that my blemishes are lighter, yet there has been a few pimples while on the regimen. I have always noticed dryness, however nothing uncontrollable. My plan is to continue with the regimen and hopefully achieve clear skin. I WILL keep each of you updated. Feel free to share your regimen story with me and ask any questions you might have! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE UPDATED PICTURES! *ALSO* Check out my Youtube channel for more about my acne story! titled- BeautyandBlemishes Stay Positive! Stay Beautiful! -Chaz