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  1. Summer Skin 2015! August Update!

    Hello there who's every one reading this! Long time no hear. Last time we spoke was back in march of this year. I just wanted to check in & let you all know whats going on with my skin. The summer is ending and ive noticed a huge difference in my skin. Some of those differences were constant breakouts. my forehead bumps was the primary area of breakouts, which is very rare. These breakouts were small under the surface- you know- the kind that looks like "heat bumps". My cheeks also endured breakouts these last few months. For those of you who follow my blog know that my skin scars very easily. Luckily both of my topical continue to do their part, which is keeping my skin clear and hasn't been nothing too extreme and out of my control. Of course there are many other factors that come in to place with my skin breaking out. For an example, hair products, foods, makeup, etc. no, I haven't added any new skin products, makeup or anything. Everything has been the same for the last year. Attached is a photo of my skin as of today August 31st, 2015. Go ahead and take a look back in my gallery to see how much my skin has improved. My skin is not completely clear as i would like, but I am most definitely more confident than ever and happy with my success. I plan to keep using both of my topicals and continue being patient towards my completely clear skin! if you're interested in watching my YOUTUBE skin care channel. let me know! Free for to comment any thoughts, questions,& concerns. Stay Beautiful Stay positive!