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  1. .. I'd like to start this thread off by asking: - Do you think Malnutrition & Under-nutrition are just myths?! This is my story. - Going up, my dad never ate ANY vegetables, none. His diet consisted of: Pop, Chips, Processed foods,, Cheese, Milk, Bread. Noodles, ect. NEVER drinks water. Pop (Pepsi) always. mountain dew recently. - My dad is mid 50's, and recently started developing skin cancer, which cured. It was eating a hole near his temple (Yes, near the eye) - After 6 months of pills, its like the skin was burned away to heal the wound. Its bad. My dad has HORRIBLE skin. Mainly face --- Also infections on his stomach, and back. that look like sores. Yes its sad, but this thread will open your eyes. Anyways now to me. I'm 25 - I did not know anything about health. I was growing up like him, I ate no veggies, and TV dinners. Pop. Chips. Cookies. Bull*****. Late June of 2007 - I get an infeection on my neck . A Boil, and this sucker leaked brown pus when ruptured. It was gross. - - - Time goes on, I'm still eating TV dinners, sitting at home all day, getting no sunlight.. - Fast forward to a year later. I start smoking cigarettes. At this time I am getting bad acne on my back. and slowly onto my upper chest. Time goes on, skin gets worse. I continue eating like this til October 2014., yet still got infections everywhere. Then, I move states Dec 2014 - March 2016. - Ate all meals cooked. by hand, but still wasn't getting the necceessary vietmins and minerals for my body to function NORMALLY. Recently just changed my whole diet. My skin has cleared up about 75%.. (Note::- I'm still not getting 100% nutrition) - (Probably about 15%) Now currently I switched my diet up and it seems to be working. The moral of the story: Eat healthy. Frozen veggies, are not 100% healthy. Cookies, pies, chips. No. Hamburger is not healthy. Ramen noodles, packaged noodles, canned sauces (bbq sauce, Katchup) You want health people. You don't need to grab a 10 pound bag of shredded lettuce from the store. Make delicious food with veggies. I made eggs earlier and the recipe came out just perfect - i will share it. 12 Medium eggs 1/3 Large bell pepper 1/5 White onion Dab of tomato. Prepped everything, tossed the right amount of pepper and salt on the VEGETABLES, before cooking it. 1 teaspoon butter, let it melt - Add ONLY the veggies. Let it cook for about 90 seconds, on below-medium heat. Add your eggs, and let the flavors bust together. It was VERY flavorful. And I didn't even need to add that poison you call 'garlic powder' That iis one delicious recipe and it's eaasy. Anyways, if anyone has any questions, or comments, or even thank yous please post them here.