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  1. daizrose added a post in a topic Accutane 20Mg - 40Mg Questions   

    hi, thanks for your replies. I had a busy weekend at work so from today i am going to start taking a pill after breakfast as well as before bed and see how it goes. Hopefully the uncomfortable side effects will go away as i don't want to be on accutane all through the summer ! the sooner its over and I'm clear the better!
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  2. daizrose added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Accutane 20Mg - 40Mg Questions
    Hi everyone I am in my 3rd month on accutane treatment.
    I have been on 20mg for 2 months and recently moved up to 40mg but found I couldn't handle the back pain I got on 40 which I hadn't experienced with 20. Did anyone else experience pain in the back when they increased dose and did it go away??
    I was scared by it so went back the 20mg a few days ago. Should I go back to 40 and wait it out?
    Also, my derm said go take 2 20mg once a day to get the 40 dosage but do u think its ok to space two pills out and will this lessen the painful side effects as I was taking both pills in the morning and feeling awful at work in the afternoon so switched to taking at night but was waking up with a painful lower back !!

    Hope to get some advice as I want to take the recommended dose but don't want to suffer too much either. Also I am in the UK so it's difficult to get hold of my dermatologist between appointments so won't be able to call until maybe next week.

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  3. daizrose added a post in a topic Anybody Been Prescribed Co-Cyprindiol?   

    Hiya thanks for the reply emzmummy.
    I think that I suffer from moods that would not be there if I wasn't on a combination of cerazette and lymecycline and also my cycle is no existant and unpredictable.
    Because of my elevated blood Pressure in the past I am leaning more towards Yasmin than Dianette so would be grateful if anyone could share their experience with Yasmin or has anyone gone from a mini-pill to Yasmin or other combined??

    Thanks x
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  4. daizrose added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Generally, i feel great first thing after a good sleep, then bad after cleansing, toning, moisturising etc because it makes my face all red again!
    Then feel good once my makeup is done, all fresh. By the afternoon though i turn into an oil slick and my true skin begins revealing its self!
    Also does anyone else feel like the process of taking off makeup and then skin regime is like some kind of monotonous chore!!
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  5. daizrose added a post in a topic Anybody Been Prescribed Co-Cyprindiol?   

    Hi, having also suffered from acne for 6+years I need to try combined birth control options to see if this will improve things before trying roaccutane. I am currently, and have been for years, on the pill 'cerazette' ,a mini-pill due to blood pressure issues when i was younger, which turns out is bad for acne/makes it worse. A doctor i saw yesterday was surprised i had been left on this pill for so long. I also take lymecycline which has ceased to work anyone.

    ANYWAY my question is whether yasmin or dianette is best?? I am nervous about both because of all their side-effects anyone know which is the lesser of two evils?
    Also any positive words about roaccutane (think ive spelt it wrong!)

    Thanks x
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