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  1. Spironolactone - Aldactone

    Don't know if anyone has checked this lately but honestly, I tried everything for my acne until I tried spirinolactone(aldactone) my chin, cheeks, jawline and part of my neck were breaking out ... I hated my skin. I tried spiro and started at 25. then progressed to 100mg. A day.. My acne literally disappeared. My periods yes were irregular, and I did not gain any weight. I actually lost 10 pounds.. I went off of it for a year cause my skin was fine. I also already have low blood pressure and this medicine does lower it so I was feeling cold and sleepy at times. My skin was terrible the whole year I was off of it. I literally would not leave my house because I didn't want anyone seeing my face ... Went back on the Med only at 50 a day and I'm back to blemish free and have regular periods and only get tiny ones during my cycle. This has been the only medicine that's ever helped me and I've taken doxycycline, all the antibiotics, even regimens. Anyway, Come to find out I had cystic ovaries and my hormones were whack. So I'm happy i found this medicine because it helps my cramps and my skin 98 percent. Of the time :)