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  1. smallguy86 added a post in a topic My Journey - 23Yrs And Ready To Do This!   

    Hahaha yeah - only thing is its freezing here so I look a bit silly with a golden glow!

    Headache has come back tonight. Not bad though. If the side effects stay like this then I reckon I'll be happy overall.

    Hope it goes smoothly for everyone else too.
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  2. smallguy86 added a post in a topic My Journey - 23Yrs And Ready To Do This!   

    Hey guys. Day 8 of 40mg/per day for me. I had headaches too - quite bad ones for the first 3 days but they've gone now. Also look like I've been tanning on my face - which to be honest I'm not complaining about as the redness will help hide the occasional spot.

    I too had a small breakout on my chin and a couple on my cheeks. The ones on my chin are still there but not as bad and the ones on my cheeks are drying up now. Lips are ok. Been using lots of lip balm since day one and they're not too bad now. Skin a lot dryer but still producing oil especially around my t-zone. I've got really oily skin though. Also had a weird taste for a few days but not so bad now.

    I started off on 40mg per day but I'll be going on 60mg next month. I think that's when the side effects will emerge. Although, I've read that the initial breakout happens in the first week or so and some don't even experience that, so it would be nice if that was the case although I'm not that lucky.

    Good luck everyone! You hear some horror stories with Roaccutane but so far I'm feeling pretty good.

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